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Independent 6518 by Punk

Posted by nmsindy on September 6th, 2007


An  excellent puzzle from this very talented setter.     Getting some of the longer phrases quickly made it a faster solve than usual for me in the case of the occasional Indy setters.

Solving time:   20 mins

* = anagram   < = reversed


1 SIDE DISH      Good misdirection.

5 AB LO OM  (Order of Merit)  The divide between wordplay and definition is in the middle of the quote “look / out”.     Some setters might not take such liberties with punctuation.     ‘Look’ often gives lo (as here) or la.

13 STORE DETECTIVE     (Deceiver + to test)*      The aisle in the supermarket, not to the altar for a wedding.

16 WE AR (E NO T AM)  USED    (mat one)<      This being the crossword world, my first thought on seing Victorian was ‘Australian’ but it’s from the original lady herself ( or ourselves perhaps).

20 H (AND SOME) R  time = hour = hr

23  PUTS ONES FOOT IN IT     Mule is a type of shoe or slipper.

24 NUDIST   “Kicking one’s habit one’s habit!”     Top drawer.


1 SLAP DASH    The – (dash) in the clue is part of the wordplay.

2 DRIVE HOME    Superb double definition.

3 DEHISCE     Hidden with the indication “cases”.     A botanical term for ‘burst open’

6 BOW KNOT   main = sea  main pace = knot

7 OCTAL  (t = time coal)*

8 M URINE     Mouselike.

9 FOUR-LETTER WORD    Oath has four letters.

14 VI (6 in Roman numerals) SIT (model)  ANTS     Misleading context of spirits.

15 I DO LA (La = Louisiana) TRY

17 (p)RESENTS    Top = take the first letter off (in a down clue).

19 C (HOP IN !)

21  NOTED    i.e. famous and consisting of musical notes.

2 Responses to “Independent 6518 by Punk”

  1. Quixote says:

    Since no one has commented — let me say that I enjoyed it!

  2. Mick says:

    Me too – and though I failed to get ABLOOM, I appreciate with hindsight the clue’s fine construction.

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