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FT 12,577/Flimsy

Posted by smiffy on 7th September 2007


Some nice touches today but I had to rattle through the puzzle (and this blog) later in the day than usual, so I may not have appreciated all of the nuances fully.  Had to guess at the anagram in 24ac, but the grid’s obvious nina (in the unchecked flanks) helped to narrow down the possibilities successfully.

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Independent 6519/Phi – Land of the Long White Cloud

Posted by bensand on 7th September 2007


This made a quick solve for me – possibly because two of my grandparents were from New Zealand and I’m more familiar with the cities than I might otherwise have been. I think it will have been fairly straightforward for most people anyway although none the worse for that! On a family note I was slightly disappointed, although obviously unsurprised, not to find Otautau and Invercargill as solutions which would have made my day! 24 is CITY and 18 is TOWN so theme answers were NZ cities and one town.

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Guardian 24176/Brendan – polyglot

Posted by ilancaron on 7th September 2007


Three alphabets used here: English, Greek and Hebrew though I have a quibble about use of the latter. The preamble made this puzzle quite easy I thought – I suspect it would have been more enjoyable without it actually – though perhaps that would have been more suited to a weekend puzzle. Not sure if there’s a pattern of which letters were actually chosen but perhaps, while writing this blog, that will be revealed.

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Beelzebub 915/Columba (26-08-07)

Posted by neildubya on 7th September 2007


This was definitely trickier than the last few Beelzebub puzzles but still very enjoyable. Not sure about the wordplay for 11A though. Read the rest of this entry »

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Inquisitor 35 – Three Sixes by Loda

Posted by petebiddlecombe on 7th September 2007


I lied when I said I’d solved this and lost it – I solved most of it and lost it as I discovered in my re-solve. The theme was very easy to spot from “Three sixes” and the “horned one” in the edge-quote unch phrase – devils, presumably without Beelzebub or Mephistopheles who should be blindingly obvious to xwd fans. After solving some of the normal clues and ones with extra words, I went off to the ODQ to look up ‘devil’ (as there was a V?L sequence on the right edge and a V in the top row). “The devil’s most devilish when respectable” – (EB) Browning – was clearly what I needed for the edge-quote. With this much done, you’d think the rest would be a doddle, but it was quite hard work for me. My re-solve ended with a bit of a flap over getting from ?Y?VIA to SYLVIA (that third unch seemed like it had to be a vowel, and if you’re wondering about the twins, Rhea Sylvia was apparently mother of Romulus and Remus), and the “where’s that def?” grief from failing to spot “cut” as the extra word in 22D.

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Independent 6514/Bannsider (01-09-07)

Posted by neildubya on 7th September 2007


Very tough but lots of fun. There are a couple of things I’m not sure about here and there and one answer I can get at all (10A) but I thought this was a very fair puzzle overall with lots of interesting stuff going on. Read the rest of this entry »

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