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Beelzebub 915/Columba (26-08-07)

Posted by neildubya on September 7th, 2007


This was definitely trickier than the last few Beelzebub puzzles but still very enjoyable. Not sure about the wordplay for 11A though.

5 N in UP,LACE – LACE can be a verb meaning to beat or thrash.
11 HEARTWORN – this looks right and it’s about the only thing that fits but I can’t see the wordplay. The full clue is: “Man with eccentricity going around platforms turned very sad”. [Edit: correction – it’s not the only thing that fits, as fgbp points out in the comments. Correct answer is HEARTSORE.]
12 (CAT)*,I,VAT in DEE
14 S,TAT
15 INC,UN,[-f]ABULIST – tough word, easy clue. Very good surface reading too. “Incunabula” are extant copies of books produced before 1501.
17 TAD in SIAL
23 (HAD TO END)* in AGON – AGATHODAIMON. The anagram element of the clue was fairly easy to spot but it took me a while to get to AGON for “conflict”.
28 OUSE in HM,AID – actually quite an easy clue and certainly not a difficult word but for some reason this clue took a while to parse. I find that’s the case with a lot of Columba’s clues.
29 E,TR in MIST
30 [r]ECCE
1 CHAR,IS,MA – had a “do’h” moment when I got this as I’d convinced myself that “academic” would be DON.
2 RED,(TINGE)*,RATE – REDINTEGRATE means to “make whole again” but the clue has the definition as “restored”, which isn’t quite the same thing (or is it…?).
8 AT IT in APE – for some reason I was expecting “on the job” to be smutty and was delighted to find that it was.
16 RAN in DUST<,E – TRANSUDE means to “ooze through pores or interstices”. Nice surface reading to the clue.
18 hidden in “sAGA INSTructive”.
19 (TOOK)* in AUS
21 HOL[-y] in TOI[-l] – THOLOI.

3 Responses to “Beelzebub 915/Columba (26-08-07)”

  1. fgbp says:

    Looks like this should be HEARTSORE, at a guess: HE + E about ROSTRA rev

  2. neildubya says:

    Yes – I think you’re right. Have updated accordingly. Cheers.

  3. Sarah says:

    2D – REDINTEGRATE in Chambers also has an adjectival function meaning restored/renewed. An unusual form for an adjective.

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