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FT 12,577/Flimsy

Posted by smiffy on September 7th, 2007


Some nice touches today but I had to rattle through the puzzle (and this blog) later in the day than usual, so I may not have appreciated all of the nuances fully.  Had to guess at the anagram in 24ac, but the grid’s obvious nina (in the unchecked flanks) helped to narrow down the possibilities successfully.

1 LAICISES – c in (liaise)* + s
10 CO-AUTHOR – not a desperately cryptic CD.
12 PLAT DU JOUR – ditto
14 LAST WORD – referencing His Maj’s infamous dying words “Bugger Bognor!
18 L,URE – Midge Ure was the lead singer of Ultravox  and, along with Bob Geldof, the co-instigator of “Band Aid”.
19 MEASLIER (Smile are)*
21 L,ACT,I,C,A,CID – plenty of sub-components. The least well known to inexperienced solvers would probably be the phonetic “see”=C.
22 ROAR – nice punning use of “pride”, as in the collective noun.
24 LONICERA (I clear no)*

2 ARENA – initial letters
4 SCORPION – (cr poison)*, good spot of the the potential &lit-ishness
8 INOCULATE – the best of today’s cryptic readings.
17 LAUDA,TOR – segueing Niki Lauda and Graham (or, depending on your own vintage, Damon) Hill.
23 A,WOK,E – a simple but effective surface – in that it instantly conjured up a believable image in my mind’s eye.

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