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Inquisitor 35 – Three Sixes by Loda

Posted by petebiddlecombe on September 7th, 2007


I lied when I said I’d solved this and lost it – I solved most of it and lost it as I discovered in my re-solve. The theme was very easy to spot from “Three sixes” and the “horned one” in the edge-quote unch phrase – devils, presumably without Beelzebub or Mephistopheles who should be blindingly obvious to xwd fans. After solving some of the normal clues and ones with extra words, I went off to the ODQ to look up ‘devil’ (as there was a V?L sequence on the right edge and a V in the top row). “The devil’s most devilish when respectable” – (EB) Browning – was clearly what I needed for the edge-quote. With this much done, you’d think the rest would be a doddle, but it was quite hard work for me. My re-solve ended with a bit of a flap over getting from ?Y?VIA to SYLVIA (that third unch seemed like it had to be a vowel, and if you’re wondering about the twins, Rhea Sylvia was apparently mother of Romulus and Remus), and the “where’s that def?” grief from failing to spot “cut” as the extra word in 22D.

One minor gripe: the preamble’s “appear as extra words in six other clues …” instruction could maybe have clarified that in this puzzle, a few of those def’s are more than one extra word.

The definitions for the theme clue answers are, as far as I can tell, interchangeable. They are: Scratch (19), Deuce (27), Nick (32), Davy Jones (26), Ragamuffin (9), goodyear (15).

Solving time: say 2 hours

Theme answers – answer, jumble, def. for jumble with clue number

11 BEL(I,A)L LIABLE tending to / 23
30 EBLIS BILES humours / 21
3 DEVIL VILDE Ed’s foul/ 14
16 DIABLE BAILED ladled / 30
26 SATAN TANAS police stations / 8

Once you’ve located all the extra words, I think the clues involving them (and the normal clues) are pretty straightforward, so I’m going to hope that they don’t need explanations. (It’s also time for my breakfast!) If you do need anything else explained, leave a comment…

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