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Independent 6522/Virgilius – I say nothing (3)

Posted by neildubya on September 11th, 2007


A corking puzzle from Virgilius with a subtle theme, explained in 17A. (The clue in the blog title is, I think, by Enigmatist – but apologies to the setter concerned if I’ve got that wrong).

8 REV – I think “ultimate book” is a reference to the Book of Revelation, the last canonical book of the New Testament.
9 (SOME BETTING)* – MISBEGOTTEN. I’m not sure I understand the definition here: “seen as contemptible”. MISBEGOTTEN means illegally obtained or ill-conceived or it has an archaic meaning of illegitimate (i.e bastard) but none of that suggests contemptible to me.
11 G, I in OREGON,G – I got this from the def and crossing letters and it took me a while to work out what was going on as it’s quite a complex clue to parse.
15 F,ACTORS – I didn’t know the Scottish meaning of this word but the wordplay puts the answer beyond doubt.
17 EGOCENTRICITY – revealing the theme of the puzzle: 6 across answers have EGO in the middle of them. Note that they don’t just contain the word EGO; it is literally in the centre of all of them.
20 hidden in “pART IS TErrific”
21 E in GR,GORY
22 LIT,HO[graph] – a cryptic definition but not a cryptic definitio clue, if you see what I mean.
24 (CEO TRAGIC)* – CATEGORIC. As in “I categorically deny the charges against me”.
26 PROLE,MEN in GOA – excellent clue but quite tough, especially picking out “of working class” for PROLE.
27 NAP – a triple definition. In horse racing, it’s a tip that’s thought to be a certainty, and it’s short for the card game Napoleon.
3 hidden in “seiSMOGraph”
5 BERG – I didn’t what the “looked up to in South Africa” bit meant so I’ve just looked it up. Turns out, that a BERG is a mountain in SA.
6 MOTORCYCLE – marvellous cryptic def. “Race of Man” is a reference to the Isle of Man TT Race.
10 (MINUS,D) – NUDISM. Excellent &lit clue.
19 NY< in SCOPE – SYNCOPE is one of those words that I knew but didn’t know the exact meaning of so this was a semi-guess. The wordplay leaves little room for doubt, as is often the case with Virgilius.
23 hidden in “desTROYed”
25 GO,A,L – another good &lit.

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