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FT 12,561/Cinephile – Almost Plain Jane

Posted by smiffy on September 12th, 2007


Not too tricky, by Cinephile’s standards, with the Jane Austen mini-theme being familiar enough that even a lit-twit like me could twig it early on. Having just logged on to post this, I see that – between this and the Guardian – our setter seems to be enjoying a literary double-header today!

1 PE(SET)A – I wonder which pre-Euro currency will prove the most enduring in crossword spheres? Probably the Mark, for its sheer versatility, I assume.
8/9 WILL,I,A,M(W,ALL)ACE – aka “Braveheart”
14 AMMONIAC (o can maim)* – I’ll grant you “nothing”=o in the anagram fodder; but “user” as the anagrind itself?
16 NON,SENSE – Lear here is Edward, rather than King. Also, a thematic reference to S. & Sensibility.
18/21/22 NORTHANGER ABBEY – The idea here is “Naughty” (homophone) around hanger and abbé.
20 EMMA – “Pip” is meant to point you in the direction of Pip-Emma – which, along with Ack-Emma, is/(was?) military abbreviation for PM/AM.  Strictly speaking, I suppose they’re actually clarifications rather than abbreviations.
21 ARTIFICIAL – CIA in (airlift)*. Good surface, for those who remember America’s attempt to spring their hostages from Iran in the late 70’s.
24 SECOMBE – “seek ’em”
25 KUMARA – (a ram,UK) rev. I somehow remembered this obscure answer, but god knows how. Maybe a brain fragment from a long-lost Listener or Azed?

1 PRIDE – thematic
2 SILESIA (liaises)* – a region of Central Europe that, as anyone who’s ever played the game Risk will attest, one ignores at your peril.
6 SALT,PAN – a well strung together surface.
13 ST(OR,MC)OCK – the only unfamiliar answer to me, but readily deducible. “Medal”=MC/Military Cross.
15/12 MAN’S,FIELD,PARK – I don’t usually get pedantic on Libertarian definitions, but “where the cars are”=park seems like a stretch. For instance, if you invited me to attend the “Proms in the Park”, I would be a little miffed if we ended up sitting in a multi-storey conrete parking facility.

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