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Inquisitor 36/Kea – Olympic Jigsaw

Posted by loonapick on 13th September 2007


Jigsaw puzzles like this add a new element to solving a barred crossword, because you have to solve a significant percentage of the clues before you can start placing them in the grid.

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Guardian 24,181, Orlando: Fr*ggin’ ‘ard

Posted by michod on 13th September 2007


The title refers to a French rococo painter ( whose name I eventually guessed once I had all the letters. But I did find this one pretty tough, and I don’t think it was just my hangover. Some good clues though.

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Independent 6524/Scorpion

Posted by neildubya on 13th September 2007


Very tough, as we’ve come to expect from Scorpion. I actually managed to fill the grid pretty quickly – about 30 mins – but, as you’ll see from the blog, there was a lot I didn’t understand so a number of answers were filled in as guesses, or from the definition and/or crossing letters. Read the rest of this entry »

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Independent on Sunday 917 by Quixote

Posted by nmsindy on 13th September 2007


Solving time:  21 mins.       Held up for some time by thinking a very well-known actress had a U in her name though there was none in the anagram fodder (6 across).

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Financial Times 12,552 by Cinephile

Posted by Pete Maclean on 13th September 2007

Pete Maclean.

This is one of those characteristic Cinephile puzzles with a theme that carries through the longest entries and into a few of the short ones. Spot the theme quickly as I did and you can make very good headway — indeed I finished this puzzle more quickly than any in recent months. The theme may be more readily divined by oldsters like myself who were around in the days of Bill Haley and the Comets.

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