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Guardian 24177 / Araucaria

Posted by neildubya on September 14th, 2007


I enjoyed this crossword, which was on the whole straightforward but with interesting nuggets of information – 8 AC, and some amusing clues – 18Dn.

Posted by Simply Simon Peters


7 LONG JOHN is obviously half of a pair of warmers – Longjohns are an undergarment which is like a babygrow for adults, minus coverings for the hands and feet. I can see that Long goes together with Short (23 Ac) – but is there more to it than that?
9 BRONTE anagram, but also The three sisters wrote under pseudonyms of Currer Bell (Charlotte Bronte) Ellis Bell (Emily Bronte) and Acton Bell (Anne Bronte) to disguise their femininity and to get their works into print.
12, 25, 16 THETA Y BRIDGE DISASTER Theta is the 8th letter of the Greek alphabet, Bridge is a card game, Y is the end of every, Dis is the lower city of hell, and an Aster is a flower. The Tay Bridge Disaster happened in 1879.
17 ANANAS, this held me up because I couldn’t get the significance of ‘darling’, then I recalled that the Darling Family in Peter Pan had a dog, called Nana. Ananas is the Genus name for the Pineapple.
20 RHODESIA – anagram of hero aids.
22 BRECHT ‘B’ is the second letter, and the German for right is recht.
23 CLARE SHOR T – claret around ‘sh’ and or, for golden.
24, 14 RUBY WEDDINGS anagram of Burns we giddy, and is the celebration of 40 years of marriage.
26 TREASURE – being part of cenTRE on ‘A SURE’ (certain).

1 FORESHOW – ‘how’ following (succeeding) an abbreviated forest, meaning to predict.
3 WORTHY – an inverted row on top of thy – the possessive of the solver, thou.
4 A BING D O N the lottery is Bingo, the number is D – Roman 500, N is new, Abingdon is on the Thames.
8 NONE EWS – No news is good news, or so they say.
13 THIRD GRADE – Lew and Leslie Grade were impresarios, and Michael is the son of Leslie, and nephew of Lew.
18 SCHUBERT – is Chub, a fish ‘in sert’. The Trout Quintet is the popular name for the Piano Quintet in A by Franz Schubert. “In sert” made me laugh.
19 PAY OUT – the boy or girls is PAT and YOU are the solver (hopefully).
22 HILARY – the monster reported is the Gila Monster which is a venomous lizard, and RY is an abbreviation of railway, for line. Hilary is a name for either boys or girls.

6 Responses to “Guardian 24177 / Araucaria”

  1. ilancaron says:

    7/23: Perhaps it’s a ref to JOHN CLARE (the poet)?

  2. PF9 says:

    7/23: more likely to be long john silver, cf 26ac “Treasure island”

  3. Simply_simon says:

    Except the reference given is to 23 ac, not 26 ac.

  4. ilancaron says:

    7/23: I think the silver ref in 7 is indeed to long john silver of coruse — but the cross-ref to 23 must be JOHN CLARE (unless Elton John has a sister Clare…)

  5. adjoint functor says:

    7/23: Isn’t the “complement perhaps to 23″ just LONG as the opposite of Short.

  6. Simply_simon says:

    Dear Adjoint Functor – I agree, and that’s what I suggested at the outset – see above.

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