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Independent 6520/Nestor (08-09-07)

Posted by neildubya on September 14th, 2007

1 (PTA I CURB SCHOOL)* – CLAUSTROPHOBIC. Easy anagram to spot; it’s always nice to get a long answer quickly as it gives you lots of Down clues to work on.
10 POLE,V[-i]NE (all reversed)
11 (LONE)* in FRY – “criminal” is just begging to be the anagrind here.
13 (LIAR SUN)* in JOT – JOURNALIST. But where’s the definition? The full clue is “Liar Sun moves in to write quickly” and that doesn’t look like an &lit to me.
18 S[hort]T,ROBE
20 A,RARE,MED (all reversed) – DEMERARA was just sugar to me to I had to check the colony reference.
23 PO,IS in ANG LEE – couple of pop culture refs here. PO is one of the Teletubbies (along with Tinky-Winky, Dipsy and Laa-Laa) and ANG LEE directed, amongst others, “Brokeback Mountain”.
26 ILL,[y]OGIC – picking out “of certain exercises” is the tricky bit here.
27 hidden in “bORG AN ICeborg” and in “icebORG A NICkname” – I was just about to type something along the lines of “I’m not sure what “A nickname repeatedly” means…” but then I spotted the second hidden word. Cleverly done, but I’m not sure what the point is of having it twice.
2 LEVELER – misleading cryptic definition. I think that “on Broadway” must refer the American spelling of “leveller”.
3 U[nendin]G, L[echer]Y – nice to see this word clued using something other that the old UGLI/UGLY gag.
5 DR,OF,XO (all going up) – excellent &lit. I especially liked “elementary game symbols” for XO (noughts and crosses).
6 HAL,FADO,ZEN – another really good clue. I didn’t know about FADO (Portuguese folk music) but with HAL and ZEN and (4,1,5) it’s easy to fill in the gaps.
8 STALL,ATTIC in CRY,E – very tough clue to parse and “particular arrangement” is not an obvious definition.
9 WE,(MY TEAM BUILDS)* – another excellent clue.
21 ALMA,NAC (“knack”) – “Miss Cogan” is a dead giveaway, making this one of the easier clues in the puzzle.
22 X,C in BOAR – I did wonder what hobos had to do with BOXCARs but the Wikipedia entry (yes, even boxcars are in Wikipedia) says that they were favoured by hobos because they were enclosed and therefore warm and out of sight of railroad security men.
25 hidden in “vAGRAnts”.

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  1. nmsindy says:

    I think 13 across is just a little joke, reflecting some people’s views of the press – might not have appeared in the Times though!
    Really liked OXFORD.

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