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FT 12,566/Highlander

Posted by smiffy on September 18th, 2007


I didn’t spot anything unduly devious today so, coupled with the fact that the answers are all basic vocab, most clues are pretty self-evident.  The only possible gripe would be that the wordplay/definitions elements of 18A and 6D are effectively the same, so not desperately cryptic. 

9 L,ILL,E – I initially thought that this was a flawed definition (“port”), as I know that Lille stands quite some way inland. However, Wikipee lists it as the 3rd largest river port in France.
10 CAME,MBE,RT – A ripple of applause for the heresy of straying from grindingly orthodox approach (MEMBER inside CAT) here.
13 TOAST – double def. I think I’ve seen “soldiers” used in the culinary sense more in the last year than the previous fifteen combined. Maybe “dippy eggs” are back in vogue?
18 PRESENT,ED – As mentioned above, I think that although two meanings of present are different (verb “gave”/give, and noun “gift”), they’re a little too close for comfort.
21 (h)UMBER

1 HAL,I,BUT – creating a fishy confluence with 1A.
2 DELFTWARE (water fled)*
4 KICKS,TART – Maybe a more evocative definition than “Gets engine going” would have complemented the innuendo-laden wordplay better?
6 BUMBLE,BEE – a partially self-referential construction.
17 AMP,LIT,UDE (due)*
23 A,SHE,S – don’t recall seeing this defined by “trees” before. Again, at least Highlander takes the (non-cricketing) road less travelled.

One Response to “FT 12,566/Highlander”

  1. Testy says:

    Thanks for TOAST (Clue: Drink to soldiers perhaps). It seems so obvious now. I was racking my brains trying to think of some regiment which might abbreviate to AST.

    I echo your feelings on 18 and 6.

    Also thought the “THE” in 14D could have been dealt with better rather than appearing in both clue and answer (Clue: The Amercican women found in eastern England)

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