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Independent 6530/Nimrod

Posted by Colin Blackburn on September 20th, 2007

Colin Blackburn.

A mixed bag for me today. A couple of non-dictionary phrases for a start, an answer I simply can’t get and some word play that I just don’t follow. There were some clever witty clues too!

1,6,10 WHEN PUSH COMES TO SHOVE — double def? — I can see the main definition, is “…on D-Day!” a second definition relating to something said before the event?
13 LEPIDOPTERA — DIP< + OPTER in LEA — how is OPTER “my selection”?
14 DEMI-SEC — DEMISE+C — clever use of will = demise (as in to bequeath).
20 REMORSE — RE MORSE — Morse was the original tapper of code!
23 CONSERVATOR — (COVERS ON ART)* — semi-&lit
24,12 ALL-RED — cALL RE Diplomacy — what is now a fairly obscure term for British territory.
25 IN A MESS — I NAME SS — very clever.
26,27,28 THE THIN EDGE OF THE WEDGE — (FED DOWN THE EIGHTEENTH)* — nicely worked anagram.
4 UNEXPECTED VISIT — (EXCEPT US INVITED)* — this is the first of the phrases not to appear in Chambers (maybe it is listed elsewhere) but what purpose does “Characters all” do here in the word play?
5 HEREDITARY TITLE — (DIRTY LEATHER TIE)* — good anagram but to another phrase not appearing in Chambers.
7 MOONEYE — (r)OONEY in ME? — this fits but as it is either an eye disease of horses or a North American fish I’m not sure what the definition is. If it was an eye disease of fish the “problem seeing line?” might work as a definition.
8 SINGAPORE SLING — GAP+O in SIN+RE(i)SLING — a cocktail. The use of Reisling here is very well seen.
9 STORE DETECTIVE — cryptic def. — busy here is slang for a detective. Not sure why Nimrod chose Primark as his example store.
21 ? — is this MARLENE?
22 ROAD HOG — (HAD)* in (GO+OR)< — ref. Mr Toad’s driving skills in Wind in the Willows.

3 Responses to “Independent 6530/Nimrod”

  1. nmsindy says:

    21 Down is MARLENE DIET-RICH, I think. A big mystified by D-Day but a push is a military offensive but a shove?

  2. Testy says:

    What’s the full clue for 1,6,10? Could D-Day perhaps be “WHEN PUSH COMES”?

    I’d like to have a go at 4D if you could post the clue for that too.

  3. Colin Blackburn says:

    1/6/10 Things get rather more pressing … on D-Day! (4,4,5,2,5)

    4 Characters all except us invited to party? gatecrash! (10,5)

    I’m most concerned about 7 for which I still fail to see an adequate definition:

    7 No 1 saves header off England striker – problem seeing line? (7)

    The published solution is MOONEYE, though all sources I have consulted list it as (4-3) rather than (7).

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