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Independent 6526/Nimrod

Posted by neildubya on September 21st, 2007


Quite a few long answers in this which made it a fairly quick solve. Naturally, there are a couple of answers which I don’t really understand: 13 and 15A. Oh, and 16D.

1 W,AGE – or is it just WAGE? I can’t decide if this clue defines the word three times (“Carry on”, “with long term” and “payment”) or just twice (“Carry on” and “long term payment” where “with” is just a link word). Answers on a postcard please.
3 BUBBLES – which was the name of Michael Jackson’s chimpanzee. There’s also a reference to “I’m forever blowing bubbles”, the West Ham (hence “hammers”) song.
7 TwItCh – excellent &lit.
13 HUNT THE SLIPPER – don’t get this one. Full clue is “Quarry’s Aim” (Spooneresque game)”.
15 YOUR NUMBER IS UP – “The end is in sight” is clear enough but what about “Solver’s favourite drink”?
20 IDI in (S,SUBS)* – SUBSIDIES. “King of Scotland” is a reference to IDI Amin and the novel/film “The Last King of Scotland” .
22 ENS – N is last letter of “an Herculean human” and ENS means a being or entity.
24 LAST – which was the LAST one in for me. It’s a triple definition as a LAST can be “a wooden or metal form in the shape of the human foot on which boots or shoes are shaped or repaired” or “model” in the clue.
1 WOOD ASH – very sly and subtle. Full clue is “Remains – after court”; “-” is DASH after WOO (“court”)
3 BIG GIRL’S BLOUSE – I’ve always wanted to see this phrase appear in a crossword, for some strange reason.
4 (BUT PARALYSE OUR)* – BEAUTY PARLOURS. I loved this clue: “They prettify women but paralyse our nuts”.
14 (INSTEAD)*,AI (going up) – the first part of the clue “Part of 19 [ASIA] docked in London” is a sort of semi-cryptic definition in itself.
15 YEN – quite chestnut-ty.
16 PASS OUT – “faint” must be the definition but don’t know what the rest is about: “Faint words on this allow one’s return”.
18 hidden in “thUMBELina” – guessed this with U?B?L filled in, so not exactly a stab in the dark.
19 AS,I,A[-m] – “big place” as a definition for ASIA. Hmmm [scraches chin suspiciously].

7 Responses to “Independent 6526/Nimrod”

  1. Chris says:

    “Solver’s favourite drink” = “Your number 1 sup”

  2. Testy says:

    A quarry’s aim would be to slip the hunter.

  3. Testy says:

    In 16D is it “words” or “wards”. “wards on this” would give “pass outwards” which could be a permit to allow one to return.

  4. neildubya says:

    The clue has “words” but I like your explanation for “wards”. Not sure that the surface reading of the clue would make much sense though…

  5. nmsindy says:

    PASS OUT In years gone by at dances, if you wanted to leave the hall, you were given a pass out and you showed it when you wanted to return – that’s how I read this clue.

  6. John H says:

    W + with; AGE = long term


  7. Patrick says:

    16D Faint = Pass out
    Printed return to venue ticket = Pass out

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