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Azed 1842 – tut tut (again!)

Posted by linxit on September 23rd, 2007


Solving time – about 45 mins, with Chambers and Bradfords

After the two uncharacteristic faux pas the previous week, I was surprised to see yet another error creep into this one (see 6 down). I wonder if Azed’s puzzles ever go past a test solver or editor’s gaze before publication. Obviously not, judging from the last couple of weeks! Just standard Grauniad/Observer editorial policy I guess…

1 BO(DYPO=dopy*)PPER
13 TA,TIE – a chat is a small potato of poor quality.
14 BI(DO)N – French word for a container of liquids, e.g. an oil drum. Under the entry in Chambers is an interesting word, bidonville, meaning a shanty town where the dwellings are made from oil drums.
18 SE(YFERT GALA=”gay falter”*)XY – a galaxy with a bright nucleus and inconspicuous spiral arms.
20 BRUTE – a type of spotlight, and Caesar’s last word (in Shakespeare): “Et tu, Brute?”
24 RATTLE,BRAINED=”in beard”* – ref. the conductor Simon Rattle.
25 C(RIN)OIDS – RIN is a Scots form of run, inside disco*
29 W(on),ALER(t) – strange but perfectly acceptable wordplay which improves the surface reading. W would normally represent “won” in a crossword without specifically removing “on” – although according to Chambers, not as in Won, Drawn, Lost etc. but for won (Korean currency).
32 S(EAMANSH)IP – (Means – ah)* inside SIP

1 B(ABY’S BRE)ATH – (by bears)* inside BATH. A pattern’s emerging here. That’s the fourth clue I’ve commented on so far that’s (definition) = (anag) inside (clued word).
2 OLI(oil*),VER(rev rev!)
4 (s)PIN – Monty being Monty Panesar, England cricketer.
5 OD(FOR)CE – there’ve also been a couple of (clued word) inside (anag) clues.
6 PU(up up),L.I. – from the clue, you’d expect there to be 100 afghanis in a pul, but actually there are 100 puli in one afghani. Oops.
8 P(TIS=sit rev)AN – I was surprised to find that to sit can mean to bear.
10 DELAYED DROP (pale,doddery)*
19 G(ARDEN)A – (and,er)* in GA. Never heard of it, but it’s in LA County.
21 U-TRAPS – PART rev inside U/S – I’d always thought that was an abbreviation for useless, but I suppose it’s the same thing.
27 B((ow)L)AH
29 WON – double def, and another meaning of won – an obsolete word for a dwelling. Very confusing, as it’s also a verb meaning to dwell, with past tense wonned or wont. No wonder it’s obsolete.

3 Responses to “Azed 1842 – tut tut (again!)”

  1. Ali says:

    A nice puzzle, but I ended up one clue short of a finished grid as ODFORCE doesn’t appear to be in Chambers and I’ve never come across the word before. I also had to rely on a full text search under ‘inconspicuous’ to get SEYFERT GALAXY as I couldn’t piece the anagram together!

  2. Ali says:

    Ah wait, it is in Chambers. Under OD. Damn it!

  3. jetdoc says:

    I notice that the published solution to 1840 doesn’t mention the omission from the preamble. It wouldn’t have greatly bothered regular solvers, who are familiar with this type of puzzle, but may have caused problems for the inexperienced.

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