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Private Eye/Cyclops 348 Thatcher’s busy week

Posted by beermagnet on September 24th, 2007


It’s been a busy time for Maggie lately, dropping in on her old abode to see what colour Gordon’s painted the walls, meeting Rudolph Giuliani, and of course appearing in the Eye Crossword (though without her handbag).

8 M-A-HOG-ANY – “scores” = MANY ; “one – pig” = “A HOG”
10 AGENDA – A-GEN-DA “1)” = A ; low-down = GEN ; “Duck’s arse” = DA the Teddy Boy / Rockabilly hairstyle.  Could he have yet used Dumbledore’s Army for DA?  
I did like the way the whole clue is like an entry on an agenda.
11 DAWDLING – (WAD)< D(eflower) LING=heather Last one I wrote in. I had trouble deciding if “Mooning” was sufficiently close to dawdling in meaning, but as I write the blog I think of “Mooning about” so that’s OK.
12 KNOCK OFF – Triple Definition! Full clue:
Kill Nick and Roger! (5,3)
15 COMMON – COMMON[s] Full clue:
The place for MPs to get end away, Wimbledon? (6)
I thought it was more likely Clapham for MPs. Wombles anyone?
16 VLADIMIR PUTIN – (DIM RIVAL)* PUT IN The misdirection “follower of Boris” naturally makes you initially think of Boris J and the YCs, but once you get around to thinking of Russia and Boris Y the anagram becomes a bit easy.
18 SILICONE – SILI (“Silly”); CONE = “ice cream”. That sort of jug
20 CATHETER – (THATCHER +E[lbow] -H[andbag])*
23 TRUSTY – TRUS[s] T[on]Y
25 POGROM – It took me a while to decode this after getting the answer. Full clue:
Brown accepting alternative work backing is “organised persecution” (6)
P-(OR-GO)<-M where “Brown”=”PM”and “OR-GO” is “alternative work”
1 JARGON – J-(GOR[e])*-AN This took longer than it should’ve done. Full clue:
Month getting stuffed with endless rehashed Gore gibberish (6)
I thought the surfeit of apparent anagrinds meant one of them was actually the definition, and “gibberish” at the end was the prime candidate. However, I missed JARGON until I had the A and G. Previously I had gone through all the 3-letter month forms and missed that.
3/9 LAVATORIAL HUMOUR – Finally get this when most of the checked letters are in place. Full clue:
John’s sort of schoolboy repartee? (10,6)
“John” is a good misdirection here.
4 EYED – I think – Full clue:
Was viewer supplied with your organ? (4)
“Organ” or “your organ” or similar often indicates the magazine itself, “Private Eye” or “The Eye” or “PE” or just “Eye”. Then if I assume “Was viewer” is the definition, it means “supplied with” is getting us the final “D”. Maybe we should take this as “Supply D”? I’m confused.
5/2 SHOWDOWN – [a]SH-OW-DOWN Paddy Ashdown. Ow! That hurt
6 EMBLEMATIC – (TIM BECAME L[abour])* A good surface here, Full clue:
Representative Tim became sick embracing Labour’s leader (10)
7 TURN DOWN – T[ories] (RUN)* DOWN
14 FLIES – F-LIES Hurray! You can tick off a sighting of the lesser-truthful Jeffrey.
15 COPULATING – (COLA NUT PIG)* A relatively simple anagram frankly
16 VIBRATOR – VI-BRA-(ROT)< Vi: A girl’s name that’s more common in crosswords than in Real Life.
21 TOMB – TOM-B[altic] Cruise = Tom Cruise “world’s most powerful celebrity in 2006″ (really? shudder)
22 RIFT – [labou]R IF T[ime] My favourite clue for its surface reading. Full clue:
Labour’s last uncertainty: Time for a split (4)
24 ULNA – L in UNA Another crossword-common girl

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