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Independent 6535/Dac

Posted by Colin Blackburn on September 26th, 2007

Colin Blackburn.

Some of the surface readings in this puzzle were truly superb, 1 down shone out. I was beaten by 8 down and Dac has been beaten by 25 down which has two possible answers.

5 DEBATES — BED< + A + TES — BEd = Bachelor of Education, TES = Times Educational Supplement. The Times produce two educational supplements: TES is aimed a school teachers and the THES is aimed at Higher education.
9 MARAT — AM< + RAT — a popular crossword revolutionary.
10 ROSCOMMON — R+OS+COMMON — I know it’s in Ireland somewhere. OS = out size (large)
11 READINGS — READING’S — Reading is an English university town
12/14 REFUSE COLLECTION — REFUSE + COLLECTION — for any Americans reading this is the same as garbage collection. Great surface.
19/22 KENSINGTON PALACE — KEN + SING + (A CLAPTON)* + E — London geography isn’t a strong point so I failed to separate the E for a while.
27 INMAN — IN MAN — John Inman was a British TV and film comedy actor. Most well known through Are You Being Served?
28 EMERSON — ME in PERSON – P — one here refers to person.
1 HOMER — O in HM + ER — this is a superb clue.
3 OFTTIMES — O(bserver) + FT + TIMES — The Observer is a British Sunday newspaper (home of Azed) and so is likely to “lead” The Times and Financial Times‘ Monday editions.
4 FOREGATHER — OR + EG in FATHER — OR = other ranks.
7 TEMPURA — TEMP + U + R + A — Japanese course was doubly misleading for me as I thought of rivers before food. Tempura are things deep-fried in a very thin but delicious batter.
8 SANHEDRIN — (HARDENS IN)* — I had never come across this word before and despite having all the checking letters and guessing it was an anagram—and then ruling that out!—I still had to cheat to get the answer, a Jerusalem court.
13 HORSE OPERA — cryptic def.
20 TRAMMEL — M in TRAM+EL — tram is a form of road transport (even though it’s on rails) while El is an elevated railway
21 ECCLES — double def. — a character from The Goon Show and a borough of Salford, Greater Manchester (as was) famous for a cake made of flaky pastry and currants.
25 GINN/JINN — “gin” — either answer fits here. Although JINN = a class or spirits is the headword in Chambers an alternate spelling that also fits the grid is GINN.

5 Responses to “Independent 6535/Dac”

  1. eimi says:

    I thought 1 Down one of the finest clues I’ve seen during my tenure at the Indy.

  2. Colin Blackburn says:

    For those of you who haven’t got access to today’s Independent, 1dn is:

    Love admitted by His Majesty King Edward, becoming Mrs Simpson’s husband (5)

  3. conradcork says:

    1 down was indeed a gem. Speed merchants (who would have got it quickly) would miss the pleasure of standing and staring at it. I have kept re-reading it all morning. I can hardly remember a clue which I more like to have written.


  4. neildubya says:

    More hats off here – in fact, the whole puzzle was bloody marvellous. A brilliant example of how to make a not-too-difficult puzzle entertaining and original.

  5. Bannsider says:

    Sorry I missed this. And yes, I do wish I’d thought of that clue!

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