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Independent 6536/Punk – All the way home

Posted by neildubya on September 27th, 2007


There’s always lots of fun to be had with a puzzle by Punk (or Paul) and this was no exception.

1 POCKET,LL,(AIR)* in BIDS – excellent clue and a toughie to unravel, especially as you have to separate “two lengths in pool” to get the definition.
10 GAL,LB,LADDER – LADDER is “run” in the sense of laddering a pair of tights.
11 END in EASTER – I thought of EASTER for “festival” almost straight away but END for “target” took a while, oddly enough. “Bow man” is a nice definition, especially with “target” in the clue. For non-Londoners, Bow is in the east end.
17 I,PART in BITE – I thought “punch champ” to indicate “[something] in BITE” was very good.
18 ENTER[-it is]
20 MORON – sounds like “more on”.
25/2 AN INSPECTOR CALLS – which “loosely” sounds like, wait for it, “Ann in spectacles”.
27 THIS LITTLE PIGGY – for those who haven’t solved the puzzle, here’s the clue: “Trader, agoraphobic, beefeater, vegetarian or diuretic addict”. Only Punk/Paul could come up with a clue like that. That said, I wonder if anyone actually managed to solve it from the clue alone, rather than with help from checking letters. I certainly couldn’t make any sense of it until I had P?G?Y for the final word, after which it was obvious what the answer was.
1 P,LATE,AU – “expensive thing” must be gold as it’s chemical symbol is Au.
5 BERT,IN in LIE – excellent &lit.
6 [-p]IRATE
14 (IMPURE SIN)* – SUPERMINI. Nicely misleading surface reading.
15 PR,IS,SIEST[-a] – another really good clue with very appropriate surface reading. “Short break for the PM” for SIEST[-a] is especially good.
21 NASA,L – “people with spatial awareness” for NASA might be viewed as a bit naughty by some, and very clever by others.

One Response to “Independent 6536/Punk – All the way home”

  1. Joins says:

    27ac was one of the first clues I read, it mystified me. Read it to my wife (not a crossworder) and she got it in about two mins.

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