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Independent on Sunday 919 by Quixote

Posted by nmsindy on September 27th, 2007


Quite a tricky puzzle with some novel features.    More verifying needed than usual.     Will concentrate on what I found the trickier or more unusual clues, but happy to explain any other if asked.

Solving time: 23 mins

* = anagram


1  DA (GO) B A      From Buddhism

7 M (ON) AD     The number one

10 GREAT MISSENDEN   (designers meant)*

13 TEA M   I think the clue number is part of the clue here   “One may have” in Rugby League, for one.     tea = light meal


3 BEDMAKER    This refers to an apple-pie bed made up as a prank.

14 P (EA GRE) EN   Pen = author is v common.     eagre = wave is less so.    Setter could have used ‘agree’ but this might have been less friendly for the surface reading.

18 S AILING    Pre-decimal (1971) currency.     Shilling (abbrev s) = 5p in today’s money, colloquially known as a ‘bob’

20 K ENYA    The five Ks are a Sikh symbol, Enya a singer

21 H (A) AR   Half of Harlem, if I’ve got this right

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