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Independent 6537 by Bannsider

Posted by nmsindy on September 28th, 2007


I know with Bannsider that it will be tough and it was.    Got there in the end – one or two that I cannot fully see the wordplay.    Some very good clues as always.

Solving time:  54 mins

< = reverse  * = anagram


1 GI JOE   jig<   O(n)E     Got the answer long before the wordplay!

4 ST RUMMER’S    Axe = guitar

9 MUNCH   “Artist finding work through Apple?”   Sheer brilliance.

10 O VERV (ALU) E    Alu = aloo   Indian potato

12 CA R   ca = about = in the region of

13 KISS CURL   “Dog wrapped in silk’s lost some hair”  Excellent misdirection – cur in (silks)*

16 Jack LON(e) DON    See 1 across.     Don = reader

21 CORRECTS     rr for ll in collects

24 RUG   last letters      rhyming slang wig = syrup (of figs)

25 STEAM ROLLER     As, I think, a paddle boat would be powered by steam and ‘on a roll’ is a spell of success.

28 BILL Gates A BO (N) G

30 PA (U) L S  I MON(day)   I think that may be it – the U may come from a TV reference


1   (GIM)M(IC)K (all <)      Very elaborate wordplay.     CI (Channel Islands)= Jersey and more.   km = short (ie abbrev) distance.   Mig = Miguel Indurain (cyclist).

2 JONESES    Definition is, I think, Neighbours competed with (keeping up with the Joneses) but I do not understand the wordplay “Neighbours 
competed with Emmerdale initially, getting in girls”


5 RIETI   Alternate letters


8 S (WEAR) IN     Defn is ‘admit using oath’

14 ICE   Am slang ice = total = kill


17 O PT    “Plump, lacking exercise?”   !


20 Maya ANGELOU   e = people’s base in (Lugano)*

22 loCAL LINGo       ladies = loo


26 ENORM   cf e-Norm(an) Wisdom


10 Responses to “Independent 6537 by Bannsider”

  1. John H says:

    Clashes galore in the completed grid.

  2. nmsindy says:

    Happily, did not need to know about those to solve the puzzle…

  3. Michod says:

    Another fine puzzle. I found some of the wordplay extremely hard, and ended up with four or five answers I couldn’t explain entirely (where does that U come from?), but the definitions and checking left little doubt.
    I’m ashamed to say didn’t spot the Clash theme, despite the giveaway of ‘Strummer’. Now I’ve left the paper at work. From the answers above, I see Mick Jones, most of Paul Sim(en)on and London Calling, but are there any more?

  4. Bannsider says:

    Sorry, I went a bit mad with the wordplay in this puzzle.
    I must confess that I did think the U (from an alphabetical series of TUV) might stump a few, but hopefully not sufficiently to stop folk getting the answer.
    It really is PAUL SIMONON, by the way. You may have missed TOPPER HEADON, and there’s also and TOMMY-GUN. My favourite Clash track, Guns of Brixton, wouldn’t fit,sadly!

  5. davey b says:

    2down joneses
    can anyone explain?

  6. Bannsider says:

    E(mmerdale) in JO NESS

  7. kurwamac says:

    Is it legitimate for the numbering of one across to be (2,3) when the two letters of GI aren’t pronounced as a single word? (I’m not trying to cavil; I’m hoping it is legitimate.)

  8. nmsindy says:

    I think it is correct – ‘twould be different if it was written G I Joe. While not applying in this case, I think it’s sometimes right to allow a little leeway in enumeration shown so as not to give too much away.

  9. Testy says:

    Never heard of a girl’s name NESS and struggled to find any reference to it on Google, has anyone else? Is it short for Vanessa (Nessa seems to be more popular as a short version)?

  10. Richardbnewman says:

    Paul Simon + ongar gets the right spelling

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