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Guardian 24,189 (Sat 22 Sep)/Araucaria – Mirror, mirror

Posted by rightback on 29th September 2007


Solving time: 15:23

Not for the first time, a puzzle based on the works of Lewis Carroll, specifically Through the Looking-Glass (TTLG) and its chess ‘match’ between the White and Red pieces. About average difficulty overall, provided you knew a little about the book.

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Guardian Genius 51/Doc — EMPLOY

Posted by Colin Blackburn on 29th September 2007

Colin Blackburn.

The theme required solutions to be adapted before entry but said nothing of the clues. Noticing that the answer lengths were one or two less than the grid lengths this suggested some addition to each answer as it was entered into the grid. Treating the clues as normal I solved a few intersecting clues cold. After three of four from the top corner it stood out that each answer so far contained a double-you and that the only way to get the words to fit the grid was to do something with these double-yous. Unfortunately 1a and 1d both went in, and remained real words, if the W became a QU. This didn’t work for the next couple of answers!

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