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Guardian 24,196/Rufus – Typical Monday fare

Posted by loonapick on October 1st, 2007


The usual mix from Rufus today – some excellent, some not quite so good.

Solving time – a little under 8 minutes



5 STOKER – shame the setter didn’t find a way of linking MACABRE and BRAM STOKER?

10 BOARDS – very good

12 JULIUS CAESAR – an excellent cryptic definition!

15 BIRTH-RIGHT – liked this one too

20 ASTRINGENT – (strain)*-GENT

22 DISAGREEMENT – D-(meetings are)*

26 LEAD ON – another good ‘un

29 INNINGS – I can see what Rufus is trying to do, but this is just too much like a straightforward definition – the first thing that popped into my head was sport, and not the theatre, so INNINGS was the first word that came immediately to mind.


2 (<=AC)-IN – nice surface


4 ENNUI – (nun i.e.)*


7 KERBSTONES – another example of a good CD

8 RES(TRAIN)TS – one for the grammarians – Can “reserve”=RESTRAINT be pluralised?

11 ESTHER – (there’s)*

13 EBB AND FLOW – like 29ac, I just don’t think this is cryptic enough

14 BRIDESMAID – whereas this one was excellent

18 IN UNISON – IN (unions)* – I’m not sure that “agreement” and “in unison” are synonymous, the former being a noun and the latter an adverb

21 IGNORE – (region)* – a nice, albeit simple, anagram

23 MAORI – (Moira)* – followed by another

5 Responses to “Guardian 24,196/Rufus – Typical Monday fare”

  1. purplerabbits says:

    I admit to being baffled by Boards for 10A. Does it have some special theatrical meaning other than the stage itself?

  2. Simply_simon says:

    Directors make up boards of companies.

  3. muck says:

    10ac: This was an answer I didn’t get, but it’s a double definition. The BOARDS is a term (not in Chambers) for the theatrical stage. Directors are members of a company BOARD. Nice clue, typical Rufus.

  4. sozzifer says:

    Does anyone know if Rufus also sets for the Telegraph? Today’s Telegraph crossword has *exactly* the same clue as 9ac in this puzzle (at 5dn) – word for word the same.

  5. Fletch says:

    Yes, if you click on ‘Setters’ above you’ll see that he also compiles for The Telegraph.

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