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Independent 6539 by Tees

Posted by nmsindy on October 1st, 2007


I found this one very easy indeed, as attested by the solving time.

Solving time: 10 mins

* = anagram < = reversal


1 C(H)ANCER crab = sign of the Zodiac

9 SMOKE AND MIRRORS (Mass or Monk I’d err)* Two other Indy setters.

10 AMBLE Hidden – if you run the placenames together.

11 CON DE (NS) ER Deer = does

15 S (CI) ON

16 TES TIMON Y disappointment = setback = tes<      Timon of Athens (Shakespeare) = misanthrope.

21 CO RFU (Rugby Football Union)

23 TARWEED (Watered)*

24 L ANTE RN (Royal Navy) main = sea



2 LOOK BACK IN ANGER A crossword favourite with 15 letters and reading as a piece of wordplay with indications of containment and reversal. Here it’s a cryptic definition, though not too cryptic, I’d say.

4 TON (100) IC (99)


7 CROSS OF LORRAINE     Symbol of French Resistance.    Cross (on for Ariel)*

8 RE SORTS      Had some doubts about the definition ‘holiday accommodation’  as a resort would be the place itself, I thought.

13 I(N (THE MIN) D    Favourite clue.  n onset of neurosis = first letter (then I’m)* in id!

14 PRINCE TON   not<

17 YOU’RE ON    (Rooney U)*   U = United.   Wayne Rooney being a Manchester United player, as some may know.

19 MATTE(r)

20 LEG A L   Leg = on (side of cricket field)

2 Responses to “Independent 6539 by Tees”

  1. Colin Blackburn says:

    I had to look up 7d as I had not heard the term before and didn’t see the word play until after I had found the answer.

    Thanks for 16a, I missed the word play in that assuming it was something to do with TESTY (which is hardly misanthropic.)

  2. Testy says:

    Thank you Colin, although I can be quite grumpy.

    One slight nit-pick, IC for 99 appears quite regularly but is apparently also quite wrong. Although the conventions for Roman Numerals were often vague and not always adhered to, it is generally accepted that 99 should be XCIX.

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