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Azed 1844 – Rocky bard grid puzzle

Posted by petebiddlecombe on October 7th, 2007


Solving time: not recorded – maybe an hour or so. Chambers used for 3 or 4 answers at the end.

This is in a bit of haste before going to Cheltenham, so I haven’t explained quite as much as I usually might. Geology and Shakespeare, two big sources of barred grid vocab, make at least two appearances each.

6 JAM,B,E – another of those bits of armour that keep cropping up
11 FOR,E(ORDAI=radio*)N
12 TARRAGON – TAR = to incite to fight = egg on, R=recipe, AGON = struggle. Scrap=rag was a possibility considered for a while.
13 C,R.O.,O.K.
14 R(EGG)O – which must be ‘regular’ fuel, without even looking in C.
15 HAWSE=(washe(d))*
17 B(Y)ROOM = a side or private room (Shak)
18 GR(EATF=fate*)EE – which you find under fee in C, not under great.
24 DACITE – C in volcano, in (a tide)* – it’s an eruptive rock, and this &lit is on a par with the Alpine glaciation one in the last Azed I wrote about.
27 HEAL,D = heddle = to draw the warp thread through loops designed to receive it.
30 V(IS)IE
33 ‘D=God,RAMA=hero of the Ramayana
34 LEGLESS – ref. (leg)end. Mortal = v. drunk
1 WATCH AND WARD – c. in what*, AN=a, (E)dward
2 I,G(A)RAPE – a canoe waterway in Brazil
4 S,EGO = a showy plant from the western US.
9 BINGO – a good double def
10 ENCO=once*,MEND,EROS = commanders (Sp.)
16 F(REES=seer rev.)OIL – a new word for me
19 F,LASER – streakiness in metamorphic rocks.
20 EYLIADS – rev. hidden – variant spelling of oeillade, a Shak. ogle or wink
23 BEIGE,L(ox) – nice surface as lox = salmon is a common bagel topping.
29 VOLE – love with odd letters swapped – winning all the tricks at the card game Ombre.

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  1. Colin Blackburn says:

    I solved this puzzle last night after downloading the competition puzzle from the website some time yesterday. I was confused about the lack of an asterisked clue and competition instructions. I now know why.

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