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Guardian 24202/Rufus – a gentle workout…not!

Posted by linxit on 8th October 2007


Solving time 15:33

I was racing through this in the usual quickish time of about 6 or 7 minutes, when I finally got to 24A/D and ground to a halt. It must have taken me nearly 10 minutes to get those last two, with the only checking letters ??E? and ??A?. Fairly obvious when you finally see them (and they are good clues), but an unexpected sting in the tail for me.

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Independent 6545/Morph

Posted by neildubya on 8th October 2007

1/4 EXTRAORDINARY RENDITION – “assembled” led me down an anagram-related garden path for a while, until I realised the clue was a sort of cryptic definition, with a surface reading designed to make you think of theatrical productions.
9 HICK in TEN – “six and four” might have been VI and IV but that’s an unlikely combination for a 7 letter word.
10 R,R in (AID)*,OP – the cryptic reading is a little vague here as it doesn’t say how many “rights” and where they’re supposed to go but I don’t think it’s vague enough to make the clue unfair. I liked the definition: “could be a task for Hercules”, a reference to the military transport aircraft.
11 EVITA,R,RAN (going backwards)
15 I’M,IV in PULSE – I liked the surface reading for this one, although I don’t know how medically accurate it is!
19 K in TOY,O – “nothing more” to indicate adding an O can’t really be justified and yet, I understood immediately what the compiler meant (this might be because I’ve seen it used before although I can’t be sure of that) so I guess that is some sort of measure of fairness.
23 LEFT OFF – you turn “seal” into “sea” by dropping the L. I originally filled in LEFT OUT, which seems to be an equally valid answer.
24 [h]ALF[h]ALF,A – because two ‘alves make an ‘ole.
25 CLIMATE CHANGE – literally,(MALI ETC)*. A really good clue I thought, although the definition makes it very easy.
1 EXTENDED FAMILY – don’t really get this one. The full clue is “Cousins, say, made kind of kin?”. I can see that “Cousins, say” could be the definition but I’m not sure what the rest of the clue is doing.
7 (SICK TARDY)* – nice clue but with YARDSTICK does leap out at you.
8 UPSIDE-DOWN CAKE – “small trattoria” could be TRAT, which is TART upside down. I think that’s the right reading as I can’t see any other…
14 (COAL FIR[-e])*,IC[-y]
16 PAY HOM[-ep]AGE – not really sure why “homepage” should be a “special website”. Isn’t it just the main page of a website?
18 MAIS OUI – sounds like “may we”.
19 TWELFTH – don’t understand all of this. The full clue is “This man’s substitute – there may be shots at game today!”. I guess the definition is “This man’s substitute” but not sure about the rest.
21 (OF A IS)*

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Private Eye/Cyclops 349 – Top this*

Posted by beermagnet on 8th October 2007


Excellent stuff from Cyclops in this issue.  A few really tricky clues which I would never get without the crossing letters, but enough that could be solved cold to get going.  A couple of the clues are absolutely outstanding and funny.  Cracked me up anyway. Read the rest of this entry »

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