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Guardian 24204/Paul (Wednesday 10 Oct)

Posted by John on October 10th, 2007


Solving time : 54 minutes, with one or two not understood and a little bit of reference book and electronic nudging towards the end. I’m not very familiar with Paul, since I avoid his Punk crosswords in the Indy, but I had expected this to be both unsatisfactorily dodgy and very difficult. In the event it was neither. A very nice crossword with apparently good sound clues, although 29A and 8D might still disabuse me.

1 AGE on SEW, def. waste
4 2 defs.
10 D(WE)EB; refers to the “royal we”.
11 (S)LAYER; I wasted time perusing a list of films.
12 OVERT RICK; refers to bridge.
13 Spooner would say “Fled rag”
15 (NIB BOD)<
17 (CAL(O)RIE)*; a lovely &lit.
19 (I DO SEE C)*
26 It always seems to me that to refer to the palindromic property of an answer is a bit of a cop-out.
27 (AMUSING OR)*, and “One’s stupid” is the def.
29 I think this is THRONE, since it fits, is a seat, and contains “one”; but I can’t understand the first bit, the “thr”.
2 2 defs; “as in “give it some welly”, and ref. wellington boot. I don’t like defs. like “on foot” – a phrase like this doesn’t seem to be enough to define a noun.
4 I think this is about the hairdresser’s “Something for the weekend, sir?”. If one uses a condom then there is, one hopes, no baby. WEE KEN D.
6 F L(EXIT)IME. Very hard, I thought, but perfectly sound. I couldn’t even get it when I had all the checking letters, and had to use my electronic thing.
8 Looks like OOLONG. Is it OO LONG, and the “long” refers to a long drink that perhaps contains fruit juice?
16 BLOW then hidden; def. “might one … cheesecake”.
18 Probably Reining. I expect there was a Kaiser Reining, just as there was a Kaiser Wilhelm. Unfortunately Google thinks of Reining” as “reining” as in using one’s reins on a horse.
19 DU(GO)NG. A bit lavatorial.
20 (MEN)* ASSE(NT)
23 P in LIRA<
25 Hidden, requiring the solver to have the answer to 24.

6 Responses to “Guardian 24204/Paul (Wednesday 10 Oct)”

  1. Geoff says:

    In 29, T (time) and HR (hour) are ‘two times’ + ONE = THRONE

    I also got REINING for 18 (EIN in RING) but the definition link seems tenuous. Chambers suggests ‘rein’ can mean governance in a figurative sense, but ‘reiGning’ is closer to what a Kaiser does!

    Raced through the bottom half of this one but found the top half much trickier – not helped by my confidently inserting BERBER for 7 – (BEER BR)*

    Paul’s crosswords are always fun, and they’re getting more scatalogical by the week!

  2. Mick H says:

    29 ac: ‘two times’ = T(time) and Hr(hour).
    Interestingly, when ‘Welly’ made an appearance in the Times championship on Sunday, there were a few people who weren’t familiar with the ‘give it some welly’ sense.
    Like the sly dig at the Daily Mail in 13ac.

  3. John says:

    29A: Yes of course, t and hr. Should have seen that. Thanks.

  4. Fletch says:

    Why do you say you ‘avoid his Punk crosswords’?

  5. Simply_simon says:

    Oolong is a tea, of course, and a long drink may be a fruit punch – ie something refreshing without being too alcoholic.

  6. John says:

    Fletch: I shouldn’t have said that I avoid his Punk crosswords, because that suggests that I don’t like them for some reason. They are nearly always on Thursdays, I generally have something to do on Thursdays which stops me from having time to do them, and I am not all that unhappy to leave them as they are difficult and take a long time.

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