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FT 12,585/Viking

Posted by smiffy on October 11th, 2007


Apologies for the late posting; I ended up putting in a longer than anticipated shift at the salt mines today, so am blogging much later in the day than usual. Nothing too goofy or untoward here, although 29a is partial guesswork on my part.

11 C,HIL(D)L,IKE – a good, coherent surface that ties in several politicla strands. Ike, of course, being (Pres.) Eisenhower.
12 TELEVISE (expletives)*-XP. Possibly the first ever crossword reference to the Windows XP operating system!
19 EN,SLAV,E – “space race”wis a neatly disguised combo.
27 ORCHESTRA (choirmaster)*-i,m. Another “anagram minus elements” construction, as in 12a, but well packaged surface.
28 ROO(K)S
29 SLEW – not certain on this one. “A lot of Americans impressed”. I can justify the first half, and maybe “impressed” can equate to slew, as in the past tense of “to slay”?
30 I,RR,EVE,RENT – “temptress”=EVE is an Old Testament inference that may not enamour the feminists.

1 DRAB – Bard (rev)
4 I,T(C)HING – Took me longer than it should have. Call me naive, but I’ve always tended to associated a romantic “thing” as being a crush on someone rather than actual affair.
7 E(XIS)T – (six) rev in ET
8 (-O)B(LEARY)EYED – a nice idea for the construction, but feels like a bit of a stretch.
18 THE(REF)ORE(-M) – stumbled upon this one surprisingly quickly; especially given the innocuous defintion (“so”).
25 GOR(S)E – “Bush: South blocks his opponent”. Very Cyclops/Private Eye style clue.
26 ISN’T – I(n)S(a)N(i)T(y). A good spot, but quite a transparent clue.

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  1. nmsindy says:

    Did not see this puzzle due to absence on the day, but you’re quite right re 29 – to slay is to impress (greatly).

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