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Independent 6544/Nestor

Posted by neildubya on October 12th, 2007


One of the easier puzzles from this usually tough compiler. I filled in a surprising number of answers using definitions and/or checking letters so it was the only when I came to write this blog that I fully understood all of the wordplay.

1 WA,H in (DC GOT)*
6 L(UCA<)N,A – I don’t think I’ve seen the “guts returning” trick done before. Nice idea though, and, in this clue at least, perfectly fair.
9 LAND in (TO RAVEL ID N)* – TORVILL AND DEAN. I got this from the enumeration and surface reading so I’ve just managed to unravel the wordplay.
10 S,CURVY – another one where I filled in the answer from the definition and let the wordplay pass me by. Looking at it now, it’s actually quite clever: “Character with bends” is S, and “with bends” is CURVY. Very neat.
12 ICEBOUND – an Axel is a jump in ice-skating.
14 READY TO EAT – I liked this one too: take the “extreme” letters from “…RipE? AnD YeT OverripE ApricoT”
19 THIN[k] – the first answer I unthinkingly filled in was TRIM but it didn’t look convincing.
22 DRIVEL – DR EVIL with the E and I switched round.
26 IDLE< in [d]YING – quite a tough one to parse.
5 (TAIL NO TAIL)* in GRAVY – one of the more unconvincing surface readings in the puzzle but cryptically sound and not too tricky.
7 HEM in CO
8 IN ON<,(NAVVIES) – I liked IN ON for “privy” (as in, to be privy to or in on a secret).
11 CONTI,NUANCE – I seem to remember that Tom Conti played the sleazy Greek waiter in Shirley Valentine. I did spend a bit of time wondering how I could fit Pauline or Collins into a word.
15 TWIT in OUTED – another tricky one to sort out, especially the definition: “had on smartly”.
18 L in GO,DIKE
21 LATTE[r]

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