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Inquisitor 40 – New Broom by Dimitry

Posted by loonapick on October 15th, 2007


Sorry for the late post, but I have to admit that I really struggled with this one, and I haven’t quite finished it, as one of the answers still has me beat.

Once I had completed about two-thirds of the puzzle and identified eight of the theme words, I didn’t know how to treat the words in order to enter them into the grid, so I called on Peter Biddlecombe’s assistance.

Given the lateness of the plea for help, Peter worked wonders for me and came through with almost all of waht I was missing, includeing how to enter treated answers into the grid.  Thanks, Peter!

So, what did we have to do to solve the puzzle.  The title and preamble indicates something requires to be changed before entry, but I couldn’t see it.

I had come across eight words which could be loosely defined as “rubbish” or “nonsense” or “disorder”, and I knew that five other slurked somewhere.

After consulting with Peter, we eventually came up with 12 of the 13 words.



12 RED-D (the author of the puzzle being Dimitry)

16 TRIP-(Swaledal)E

18 BIL(G)E

32 RIFF-RAFF (Jospeh Joachim Raff, a Swiss composer)


42 we couldn’t get this one, could it be SHIT?

43 (g)LITTER




29 (<=SNIB-BUG)

37 GAS-H

38 DIR(ec)T

Peter suggested that the tidying which was required was to change one letter in each word to N, thus creating new words, so the grid entries became






32 NIFF-NAFF (the one that required extra attention)


42 SHIN?








2 Responses to “Inquisitor 40 – New Broom by Dimitry”

  1. Duncan Shiell says:

    I think it has to be SHIT

    Sample, less ample (large enough), leads to S


    lucky chance leads to HIT

    One of the definitions of SHIT in Chambers is rubbish. Indeed I think all thirteen had rubbish as a definition in Chambers.

    This was another splendid Inquisitor after Vital Plan the previous week where I fell at the final hurdle by having six letters left and trying to apply four of them to the wrong two words (Key and Wheeze) rather than solving Denis and Dons. I was compeletely fixated on key and wheeze being part of the thirteen requiring association with two characters and just didn’t step back and look at the bigger picture (Vital Plan and Kiwis). Not surprisingly I couldn’t get DEN_S and DO_S to link into New Zealand either!

    At the moment I find Inquisitors generally more satisfying than some some Listeners, but I suspect that is partly down to my lack of enough experience with Listeners.

    Duncan Shiell

  2. Joins says:

    I remember we had to clean up the theme words with the letter n (for new) i.e. a ‘new’ broom

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