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Guardian 24,210, Paul: Flabby bustards

Posted by michod on 17th October 2007



1. F(L)AB BY. Liver’s heading is L, and times is BY, (as in 15 by 15) which took me a moment to spot.

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FT 12591/Cinephile – Wed 17.10.07

Posted by John on 17th October 2007


Solving time : About three-quarters of an hour, but meaningless anyway since I got 12A wrong, as I discovered later when trying to justify LIRE. The theme is Evelyn Waugh’s magnificent novel Scoop. There are references to it in 16A, 24A, 30A, 6D and 26D, also perhaps some others I’ve missed. Read the rest of this entry »

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Independent 6553/Dac – Cheeky

Posted by neildubya on 17th October 2007


This was a “solved-before-the-bus-came-along” puzzle for me so much of the wordplay went by in a bit of a blur, although I knew I would get the opportunity to look at it all again when I came to write up the blog. I did however spot a cheeky Nina (which may have been unintentional, although I hope not) – look at the five unchecked letters running across the middle of the grid. Read the rest of this entry »

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