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Independent 6553/Dac – Cheeky

Posted by neildubya on October 17th, 2007


This was a “solved-before-the-bus-came-along” puzzle for me so much of the wordplay went by in a bit of a blur, although I knew I would get the opportunity to look at it all again when I came to write up the blog. I did however spot a cheeky Nina (which may have been unintentional, although I hope not) – look at the five unchecked letters running across the middle of the grid.

1 WALL,OP – I think OP is a reference to “op-art”.
5 TELECAST – “Telly” [Savalas].
14 A in RIDER
17 hidden in “tHATCHER Years” – loved the definition “scene of much brooding”.
22 (SO HE WILL NEVER)* – NOWHERESVILLE. Not really sure how I got this as the definition “small American town” isn’t all that helpful given that the place doesn’t actually exist. Interestingly, a weather forecaster on the BBC got in to trouble for describing a part of Scotland using the same word.
2 AS,I,NINE – I liked this clue, especially “one over the eight” for NINE.
4 ED in PROCURE – my first thought on seeing this clue was that the wordplay would be (GET EDITOR)* with “involved” as the anagrind but then a U appeared in the grid so I had to rethink.
5 (LOTS O BOTHER SURE)* – nice &lit clue.
7 N in CAVE,DISH – this was a guess as I didn’t know that CAVENDISH was a type of tobacco.
13 HALESOWEN – “hails owen”.
16 AI,NAMUR (going up) – I filled in ROMANIA and hoped that NAMOR would be a Belgian city but when I checked, it turned out that the city was NAMUR.
21 A,LL,IN[-n] – excellent clue. Nice surface reading, tricky definition to pick out from “spent a couple of pounds” and cryptically sound.

2 Responses to “Independent 6553/Dac – Cheeky”

  1. Wil Ransome says:

    22A: Nowheresville may not actually exist, but it gets about 121,000 hits on Google, as I discovered when I looked. Had never heard of it, but evidently many people have.

    Had exactly the same negative experience with Romania/Rumania.

  2. nmsindy says:

    I was lucky with NAMUR in the RUMANIA clue as I happened to know it, but it did strike me as fairly obscure, but nonetheless easy to verify. I enjoyed working out NOWHERESVILLE from the anagram and thought the clue was excellent.

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