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Financial Times 12,582 by Cincinnus

Posted by Pete Maclean on October 18th, 2007

Pete Maclean.

This was for me a bit more difficult than the average Cincinnus but just as impressive. There were two clues I did not completely understand (10A and 19D).


1. BOOTBLACK – BOOT (start) + BLACK (chess player). A great clue: deceptive yet not too difficult.
6. SAHIB – hidden word
9. OVERACT – anagram of TO CARVE
10. TORONTO – TO (to leading) + [p]RONTO (promptly with piano dispatched)
11. LIONS – double definition
12. ROBIN HOOD – ROB (plunder) + IN (in) + HOOD (American locality)
14. ADS – [l]A[w] + D[angerou]S
15. CHAIN STITCH – CHAINS (restricts) + TITCH (small person). Not being a knitter, I needed my dictionary to help with this one.
19. ULT – even letters of QUALITY
20. ABANDONED – A (a) + BAND (rock group) + ONE (individual) + D (beginning to dance)
22. ISAAC – I + A (one) in SAC (pouch)
24. GO DUTCH – GO (try) + DUTCH (wife). I thought originally that Dutch referred to a substitute wife but the correct reference here is that “Dutch” is cockney rhyming slang for wife.
26. SPINOZA – SPIN (trip) + OZ (Australia) + A (a)
27. LURED – UR (you are, so to speak) in LED
28. MAIN ROADS – anagram of ROMAN AIDS TO. At first, I got the answer but missed the anagram…and thought this was not a great clue. Once I saw the anagram, I decided it was quite brilliant!

1. BROIL – R (recipe) in BOIL (cook)
2. OCELOTS – anagram of SET COOL
3. BRASSICAS – BRASS (money) + I[n] CAS[e] (cropped in case). A difficult one!
4. ALTERCATION – ALTER (tweak) + CATION (charged particle)
5. KIT – double definition. (Christopher Marlowe was known as Kit.)
6. SERIN – S (southern) + ERIN (Ireland). I had never heard of a serin but my dictionary sure had.
7. HANDOUT – HAND (worked) + OUT (dismissed)
8. BLOODSHOT – BLOODS (swaggering dandies) + HOT (stylish)
14. ARCHANGEL – A (a) + R (right) + CHANGE (switch) + L (left)
16. TESTIFIER – IF (if) in TESTIER (more irritable)
18. MEANDER – anagram of RENAMED
19. ULANOVA – U (for all to see — a British film rating) + L (top of ladder) + A (a) + NOVA (star)
21. DATED – DATE (fruit) + D (would shortly)
23. CLASS – C (head of college) + LASS (girl)
25. HEM – hidden word. And one of the best.

2 Responses to “Financial Times 12,582 by Cincinnus”

  1. Cininnus says:

    Thank you, Pete, for the appreciative remarks – they are appreciated.

    >>> Re: 10. TORONTO – ???. Is this correct? I cannot fathom the wordplay.

    Piano dispatched (= minus P), promptly (= PRONTO), TO leading

    >>> Re: 24. GO DUTCH – GO (try) + DUTCH (wife). I wonder about this clue. A “Dutch wife” means some kind of substitute wife but is it okay to use “wife” to clue Dutch?

    ‘Dutch’ is cockney rhyming slang for ‘wife’ (short for Duchess of Fife).

    >>> Re: And the definition seems wrong: to go Dutch usually means to pay for one’s own expenses, not to share them.

    It’s the same thing, surely. If each pays his/her own expenses, then the total expenses are shared.

    >>> Re: 19. ULANOVA – U (???) + L (top of ladder) + A (a) + NOVA (star)

    U = Universal (film censor’s category) = for all to see.

  2. Pete Maclean says:

    Cincinnus, thank you so much for your comments. I should have seen the wordplay in Toronto! I know about “apples and pears” but believe I have never come across “Dutch” in the same argot. And I was being too finicky about sharing expenses — sorry. As for U, I have not been to a British cinema in over 35 years so can forgive myself for that oversight. (I happen to be a film buff but I live in the U.S.)

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