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FT 12,593/Bradman

Posted by smiffy on October 19th, 2007


Although Bradman is a prolific stalwart of several national dailies, his FT appearances seem to approximate at only monthly in frequency. So the fact that publication also coincides with our sporadic FT blogging calendar makes this posting something of a rarity!  An enjoyable mix of clues; as much for their originality and subtlety of wordplay as their trademark technical precision. I had to confirm a couple of sub-elements (10A, 19A) post completion.

1 GOALMOUTHS (Tom laugh so)*
6 I,M(-ad)AM – always glad to avoid the revisting the cute but threadbare “I’m a Muslim leader” construction.
10 GNAT – TANG (rev).  Wasn’t familiar with the seaweed, but no real hindrance.
15 WORLD FAIR – “whirled fare”. I thought “in auditorium” an original homophone indicator.
19 H(A,G,RIDD)EN – Unbeknownst to me, the Lorna Doonecharacter is John Ridd.
24 GA(E)L
25 RING BINDER – cryptic def; and a good’un to boot.
26 NINE – not altogehter certain on this.  3×3 gives you the “square” element though.

2 (-h)AIRY
3 M’AITRE D’HOTEL – (The old timer a)*.  Obviously an anagram, but the apostrophes stopped it from springing to my mind instantaneously.
4 UVULA – cryptic def. A part of the anatomy cherished by the scriptwriters of Carry On…. films.
5 HEAR,TH(R)UG – The surface reading probably justifies the exclamation mark.
7 MAN(SUE)TUDE – Sue in (untamed)*
11 BR(ILL(I)ANT)INE – evoked the word “antimacassar” in my mind for the first time in ages.
13 D,WELLING(-t)ON – a well-identified and well-executed idea.
14 PROMETHEAN (Top man here)*
23 TROT(-h) – succint but effective.

5 Responses to “FT 12,593/Bradman”

  1. Testy says:

    I don’t get 26 other than the square bit either.

    I think 3D should only have one apostrophe in it MAITRE D’HOTEL but the enumeration still bothered me. Is that how apostrophes are always dealt with in the clue enumeration? I’m sure it probably is but I can’t remember noticing it before and it seemed to grate with me here.

    I’m kicking myself for not getting 12A but blame not having heard of 7D for preventing me from getting the vital checking letter. I had the whole word for 7D apart from the SUE bit in the middle and was sure that “space” was going to play a part!

    I largely enjoyed this but thought 20A was a bit weak.

  2. Bradman says:

    Thanks very much for the feedback – much appreciated. Just to clear up 26A: 9 = IX. And as is so often the way, I was rather proud of the & lit at 20A. – I’ll aim for total enjoyment in future!

  3. smiffy says:

    I have to admit that 20A is a case of “pearls before swine”, as I didn’t notice the & lit dimension either (hence the original lack of commentary). Solve in haste, admire at leisure!

    Apologies for mangling the punctuation in 3D. Lord knows how I managed to morph the circumflex into a rogue additional apotrophe. It’s at brain-fart moments like this that I’m glad to have chosen a dunce-like pseudonym to fall back on!

  4. Testy says:

    Bradman, sorry I had thought it was just a poor attempt at a cryptic definition not an extremely clever &lit. However, I’m afraid I can still only see the “lit” bit and not the “&” part (obviously being incredibly dim and missing something either that or I’ve got the answer completely wrong). Can you/anyone explain it?

    Time of dream’s ending? (2,3,7) I_ T_E _O_N_N_

  5. smiffy says:

    Thanks to Bradman’s additional prompting, the penny dropped belatedly for me. Namely that “dream’s ending” = AM = In the morning.

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