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Azed 1846

Posted by linxit on October 21st, 2007


Solving time about 35 mins, with Chambers and Bradford’s.

1 DOG’S BREAKFAST – “Men generally” = DOGS, rest = BREAK, dissipatedly = FAST (apparently).
10 ISOBRONT (to robins)* – a contour line on a weather map showing storm clouds.
13 M.O.,P.E.
14 GINGLYMI – hidden in “swinGINGLY MItred”. One of those where it looks like it has to be a hidden word clue, but nothing in there looks like a real word. In the end I made my best guess and looked it up.
15 S(CL)AVE(d) – I’m not sure about the cryptic grammar of this one – “class kept in” = CL inside SAVED, from which we must remove D.
18 M(I,SGON)E – NOGS I rev inside ME
20 MO,TORY – unusual word, I think it’s in the same sense as ROTATORY for creating rotation.
24 SPI(RAN)T – I had trouble finding this when checking it in Chambers, as I assumed it would be off of spire, but it has its own entry on the previous page.
29 R(OTT)ER – OTT inside ERR*
30 POULT(ry),ICE – as I first thought, but I just checked again as I didn’t like ICE=frozen, and it’s actually POULT,ICE(d).
31 OISE – a guess from ?ISE and the fact that O is an abbreviation of Ohio. Can’t work out the rest of it.
32 MADRAS,S,A – one of the many spellings of a Muslim college.
33 DISEMPLOY(MEN)T – MEN inside (poets dimly)*

2 G(OP,LATIN)UM – GUM = cheat was a new one for me.
4 ROGER – i.e. Roger Bacon, and it’s also a word for a goose (which I didn’t know before). I thought much ruder thoughts at first…
5 ENIGMATICAL (gin ice a malt)*
6 KAGU – hidden in “snacK A GUll”
8 SAMEN (names*) – Scottish for same, as is ilk.
9 TWIT – double definition
11 SOCK,O – sock³ in Chambers, a ploughshare.
12 MYLONITISE (I Elton is my)* – I thought the surface was a bit stretched here.
22 CHESS – can also be a deck plank.
25 P(A)OL,I – A inside I LOP rev.
27 SPUD – dups rev (a Shakespearean word meaning to open)
28 STUM – first letters of “Steroid Toning Up Muscle”

3 Responses to “Azed 1846”

  1. Richard Heald says:

    15 Ac: I think the wordplay here is CL(ass) in SAVE, with ‘ass’ = ‘dunce’ and ‘save’ = ‘but’.

    31 Ac: OISE is correct, the wordplay being O(hio) + ISE(r). The war poem ‘On The Battle Of Hohenlinden’ by Thomas Campbell refers to the “Iser rolling rapidly.” The Oise river is a tributary of the Seine.

  2. fuddleduddy says:

    Would it be ok to ask a question here about today’s AZED? I am having a bit of bother with the encoding. I think I can ask my question without giving too much away :)

  3. roland says:

    Fuddleduddy: if in doubt, please don’t proceed!! I finished the latest Azed yesterday and it very nearly killed me. I hope that doesn’t sound too vain…

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