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Guardian 24214/Rufus – not iffy

Posted by ilancaron on 22nd October 2007


A typical balanced Rufus opus with sensible surfaces and no cryptic definition overdose. And pleasantly not a rugby reference in sight. My last clue was 24A since my only exposure to opera so far has been via this medium.

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Independent 6557/Math

Posted by neildubya on 22nd October 2007

6 EVA< in STS – “Mrs Peron” made this a very easy clue but “bars” was an ambiguous definition in the phrase “street’s bars”.
9 REC,(PIE)*
10 U,N in NEARED
11 IF in FE – a reminder that it’s useful for cryptic solvers to have a smattering of chemical symbols committed to memory. In this case: “Fe” is iron.
12 (THE LAST FEE)* – fairly easy anagram to spot and solve.
13 VAMPIRE BAT – cryptic def.
16 E,XI,T – nice clue, with a (usually) apt surface reading.
20 E,R,C in WA[-i]TRESS – the clue is a bit of a mouthful but it reads nicely and is cryptically sound.
23 B OR N – when I solved this I thought the wordplay was (BR[ight]ON)* and I remember thinking it wasn’t a very good clue as it was a bit vague and there was no anagrind. I was obviously wrong about all that.
24 FAMILIA[L for R]
25 hidden in “minstREL ENTertainer”
2 CIDER (going up) in PATE – I was a bit surprised to see CIDER actually appear in the clue (albeit reversed), although it’s just as well that it did as I wasn’t having any luck thinking of 5 letter alternatives for it.
3 hidden in “zebRA IS Extinct” – “of” is the blink-and-you’ll-miss-it hidden indicator.
4 REEF in TERNS – I hit upon TERNS for “sea-birds” fairly quickly but didn’t see REEF for “sandbank” for a good while after that.
15 RT<,E,A,SURE,R – an excellent clue and a very neat bit of deception here as the surface reading makes you think of Neville Chamberlain. However, a chamberlain is a TREASURER of a corporation or company. Here’s the full clue, for those that haven’t seen the puzzle: “Chamberlain was right to return having obtained peace finally and a certain end to war“. Great stuff.
21 A,G,APE – which can mean “Christian, brotherly love”.
23 L,S in BAA

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Private Eye/Cyclops 350 – Brothers and mothers

Posted by beermagnet on 22nd October 2007


This issue brought us the usual fare in the style we come to expect from our optically-challenged friend. Read the rest of this entry »

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