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Guardian 24214/Rufus – not iffy

Posted by ilancaron on October 22nd, 2007


A typical balanced Rufus opus with sensible surfaces and no cryptic definition overdose. And pleasantly not a rugby reference in sight. My last clue was 24A since my only exposure to opera so far has been via this medium.


10 ETHER=there* – anag &lit referring what puts you out at the dentist (well, once upon a time).
11 TEN,ANTS – “in occupation” refers to where they live, not what they do.
14 PEN,NILE,SS – our river is the NILE and our steamer is SS.
16 QUESTION MASTERS – indeed a good answer to the question “what should obedient servants never do?”
19 EARTHWARD – (hard water)*
21 BA,THE – slightly subtle since our Bacheor is of the Arts in this case.
22 BIRETTA – (a bitter)* – Catholic headgear and must be beer in some European language I would think, providing an &lit feel.
24 MELBA – ref. the opera singer Nellie MELBA (only ever met by me in crypticland).
25 DE(FAULT)ER – FAULT in rev(reed).


3 O,DENSE – Danish port
5 HOPPING MAD – amusing cryptic def
6 NEAR MISS – nice clue since NEAR is “mean” (in the stingy sense) and MISS is “error”.
8 [m]ORAL – m for “marks”, which is dropped from MORAL for “proper” to get a type of exam.
14 PROPAGANDA – (OAP, Grandpa)* — the only weakish surface in this set of clues.
15 SUSPENDERS – yes, that’s what braces are called here.
20 RA,RELY- RA is our Royal Academician (aka an artist) again.
21 BASQUE – turns out it’s a kind of bodice as well.
22 BUMP[kin] – nice clue: at first I had BEAT[nik] but I couldn’t reverse nik.
23 IFFY – first letters. Nice clue — though acrostics must be slightly easier to construct given the minimal constraints.

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  1. struggler says:

    Never having heard of the place, I was defeated by 3 down.

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