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Independent 6557/Math

Posted by neildubya on October 22nd, 2007

6 EVA< in STS – “Mrs Peron” made this a very easy clue but “bars” was an ambiguous definition in the phrase “street’s bars”.
9 REC,(PIE)*
10 U,N in NEARED
11 IF in FE – a reminder that it’s useful for cryptic solvers to have a smattering of chemical symbols committed to memory. In this case: “Fe” is iron.
12 (THE LAST FEE)* – fairly easy anagram to spot and solve.
13 VAMPIRE BAT – cryptic def.
16 E,XI,T – nice clue, with a (usually) apt surface reading.
20 E,R,C in WA[-i]TRESS – the clue is a bit of a mouthful but it reads nicely and is cryptically sound.
23 B OR N – when I solved this I thought the wordplay was (BR[ight]ON)* and I remember thinking it wasn’t a very good clue as it was a bit vague and there was no anagrind. I was obviously wrong about all that.
24 FAMILIA[L for R]
25 hidden in “minstREL ENTertainer”
2 CIDER (going up) in PATE – I was a bit surprised to see CIDER actually appear in the clue (albeit reversed), although it’s just as well that it did as I wasn’t having any luck thinking of 5 letter alternatives for it.
3 hidden in “zebRA IS Extinct” – “of” is the blink-and-you’ll-miss-it hidden indicator.
4 REEF in TERNS – I hit upon TERNS for “sea-birds” fairly quickly but didn’t see REEF for “sandbank” for a good while after that.
15 RT<,E,A,SURE,R – an excellent clue and a very neat bit of deception here as the surface reading makes you think of Neville Chamberlain. However, a chamberlain is a TREASURER of a corporation or company. Here’s the full clue, for those that haven’t seen the puzzle: “Chamberlain was right to return having obtained peace finally and a certain end to war“. Great stuff.
21 A,G,APE – which can mean “Christian, brotherly love”.
23 L,S in BAA

12 Responses to “Independent 6557/Math”

  1. Allan Scott says:

    15D Great stuff, as you say, but better still without the was – Chamberlain, right . . .

  2. Colin Blackburn says:

    Did all of this very quickly but failed with one answer, 6dn,
    Site of national venue set up in the Home Counties (5)
    which is annoying because the word play is obvious but I can’t see either than answer or the word the goes in SE to make the answer.
    Also the answer in 5dn appeared last week in Phi’s puzzle. Nice to see a very different take on it.

  3. neildubya says:

    6D – SCENE. “National venue” is NEC (as in Birmingham NEC).

  4. Colin Blackburn says:

    Cheers Neil. I couldn’t get past reading, “Site of national venue” as the definition.

  5. Wil Ransome says:

    It seems that people are becoming very relaxed about hidden indicators. In 25A Math uses “has” and in 3D he uses “of”. Seems a bit loose to me, but perhaps OK?

  6. nmsindy says:

    I noticed the ‘of’ in particular. I think ‘has’ is straightforward and direct enough, but had to think about ‘of’. If read as ‘belonging to’, I think it works logically.

  7. Allan Scott says:

    Of = from or from among

  8. toadson says:

    Still not sure about 21d despite the explanation. Anybody?

  9. Gaufrid says:

    Hi toadson
    I assume this puzzle has been repeated in the ‘i’, hence your comment on a post from over five years ago. If you can provide the clue I may be able to help (I doubt that neildubya will be able to think back that far).

  10. toadson says:

    Thanks Gaufrid .. being new to the i, I didn’t realise the link went back to 2007! Anyway, the answer was A G APE, but the blog said this can mean ‘Christian, brotherly love’ ??

  11. Gaufrid says:

    Hi toadson
    Under ‘agape (noun)’ Chambers has:
    1. Selfless Christian love
    2. The love of God for man
    3. A feast in token and celebration of such love, modelled on that held by the early Christians at communion time, when contributions were made for the poor

    Collins gives:
    1. Christian love, esp as contrasted with erotic love; charity
    2. A communal meal in the early Church taken in commemoration of the Last Supper; love feast

    and Oxford on-line:
    Christian love, as distinct from erotic love or simple affection.
    A communal meal held in Christian fellowship.

  12. Toadson says:

    Thanks Gaufrid,

    I was out and about last night using the dreaded smartphone, otherwise I would have looked in my copy of Chambers. I have never heard thid definition in my life, so thought I must be missing something.

    Thanks again.

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