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Guardian 24216/Brendan – in a Nobel cause

Posted by linxit on October 24th, 2007


Solving time approx 16 mins.

I spotted 10 winners of the Nobel Peace Prize – I think that’s all there are in it. And of course 8dn gives a strong hint to the theme. A lot of the featured Nobel laureates are given brilliant &lit clues, e.g. 1,22; 6; 11; 16; 20,27.

1,22 MARTIN LUTHER – the founder of Protestantism, and presumably after whom Martin Luther King was named. King was winner in 1964.
4 A(r)CADIA – an old name for the French bit of Canada.
9 GO,RE – ??? – The answer’s right, as Al Gore’s the latest recipient of the Prize. I can see green=GO, which just leaves and=RE, red stuff=GORE. There must be a better explanation. [ And so there is – as pointed out by Owen and Paul, Al Gore is a Green, so it’s simply a double definition. ]
11 WALESA – S,E inside A LAW, all reversed. Winner in 1983.
13 BEFRI(brief*),ENDS – not sure how “assists with” is a definition of befriends though.
15,18 MARY CELESTE – great anag &lit.
17 EVACUATES – “set a U cave” reversed.
25 TUT,U – “you” – is it permissible to do a homophone of a single letter when it’s pronounced completely differently in the word? This is another Nobel laureate – Desmond Tutu won it in 1984.

2 REEVE – hidden in fREE VErse. The Reeve’s Tale is one of the Canterbury Tales.
3 1,SO,LA,TE – three consecutive notes of the scale.
5 C,ARTER(y) – maximum speed=C (the speed of light). Jimmy Carter won it in 2002.
6 DALAI LAMA – “A Mali a lad” all reversed. Winner in 1989.
7 AMNE(name*),STY – Amnesty International were winners in 1977.
8 PEACE DIVIDEND – cryptic definition, and what might be the puzzle’s title.
14 ROOSEVELT (role votes)* – winner back in 1906.
16 MAN,DEL,A – very good &lit clue for the 1993 winner.
19 ELECT(R)A – a play by Euripides.
20,27 MOTHER TERESA (at Rome there’s)* – another great &lit.

5 Responses to “Guardian 24216/Brendan – in a Nobel cause”

  1. M1kes says:

    Green=G + Ore= red from which follows Gore = Red Stuff ( as well as Nobel winner)?

  2. linxit says:

    I did wonder about ore=red, but could see no justification for it either, despite looking in a lot of online dictionaries. I assume it’s in Chambers, is it? I can’t check till I get home.

  3. owenjonesuk says:

    I think 9 across works like this: “red stuff” = gore, and Gore campaigns on green issues so he is green / a green.

  4. Paul B says:

    Double def, isn’t it?

  5. stilt says:

    I thought this was terrific stuff, especially the &lits (1,22 not so much as the others, but it was a nice easy starter). Very useful that the laureates were placed symmetrically (and very pleasing, what with PEACE DIVIDEND running stright down the middle); without that, I doubt I would have got GORE (opposite TUTU). Thanks for explaining CARTER. Knew it had to be right given the theme, but had no idea why.

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