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independent 6561 / Phi An F’ing Puzzle

Posted by tilsit on 26th October 2007


Solving Time:  26 minutes

Lots of F’s around in today’s Phi puzzle (including four block
shapes in the corners of the grid).  The usual mix of cryptic defs
and good sound clue construction which we havecome to expect from Phi.

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Independent 6556/Monk (20-10-07)

Posted by neildubya on 26th October 2007


I think I made very heavy weather of this as, looking back at the answers now, there’s not too much there that should have given me problems; the notable exceptions being 12A and 26A. Once I filled the grid I did a quick scan to look for a Nina and, finding nothing obvious, assumed that there wasn’t one. However, I’ve solved enough Monk puzzles to know this would be unusual so I looked a bit harder and sure enough, there it was: running diagonally from top left to bottom right, and bottom left to top right is the phrase: SECRET STAIRCASE. Read the rest of this entry »

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Guardian 24,218, Quantum: 4-ing troubles

Posted by michod on 26th October 2007


It could be the toothache – I might have been more charitable if I’d waited for the co-codamol to take effect – but I found myself being rather picky today.  There are some nice touches here, but also some wordplay that seems a bit iffy, as well as a few cryptic definitions which (as is so often the case) were less well concealed to me as a solver than they must have to the setter.

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