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Financial Times 12,594 by Cinephile

Posted by Pete Maclean on November 1st, 2007

Pete Maclean.

Cinephile is well on form with this fine themed puzzle. Most of the across clues include “beast” and have answers that start with names of animals. This was an easier theme to work out than most but working it out was not as helpful as in the case of most themes because there are just so many animals — so, a nice balance. I especially like 12A, 29A, 3D and 9D. I had to use my dictionary for 8D and 19D.

I am going on holiday for a couple of weeks to places beyond the reach of the FT so will not be blogging the current and next two FT Weekend puzzles. Maybe someone else will. I will be back with the puzzle of November 17/18.


1. HORSE LATITUDES – HORSE (beast) + A TIT (a bird) in [inter]LUDES
10. OXEYE – OX (beast) + EYE (look at)
11. MARES-TAIL – MARE S (beast’s) + TAIL (homophone of TALE)
12. WARBLES – double definition
13. DRAGOON – DRAG (female dress) + O (nothing) + ON (on)
14. BEARS – cryptic double definition
16. GAWKINESS – anagram of SING WE ASK
19. CATAMARAN – CAT (beast) + A MA (a degree) + RAN (fled)
20. NOTED – NOT (isn’t) + ED (journalist)
22. RAMPART – RAM (beast) + PART (role)
25. PIGTAIL – PIG (beast) + TAIL (queue)
27. SERVITUDE – anagram of DIVESTURE
28. BATCH – BAT (beast) + CH (companion [of honour])
29. MONKEY BUSINESS – MONKEY (beast) + SINE (function) in BUSS (kiss formerly)


2. OVERREACT – anagram of CARE in OVERT (obvious)
3. SPELL – I am unsure how to characterize this clue but it’s a beaut
4. LUMP SUGAR – LUMP (big fat) + SUGAR (sweetheart)
5. TIRED – double definition (presumably with one in the sense of attired)
6. TASMANIAN – T (time) + MAN (chap) in ASIAN (continental)
7. DRACO – O (round) + CARD (one of the pack) all backwards
8. SILENUS – SILEN[t] (most of the quiet) + US (FT)
9. COBWEB – COB (nut) + WEB (net)
15. SUMMARISE – anagram of MUMS + ARISE (get up)
17. WINEPRESS – anagram of NEW I (one) + PRESS (journalist)
18. ENTRACTES – anagram of CENTRES AT
19. CHRISOM – CH (church) + IS (is) in ROM (front of Roman)
21. DELPHI – hidden word
23. MORON – homophone
24. THUMB – double definition
26. GABON – homophone

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