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FT 12,604/Aardvark

Posted by smiffy on November 1st, 2007


Was relieved to avoid an overly-taxing puzzle today, as I think recent sleep deprivation is catching up on me.  A couple of good though-provoking devices nestled away in here, though.  My parsing of 23D may be off-beam however.
Also, belated apologies for going AWOL on my blogging duties last week. Last-minute travel plans snafu-ed my online (and newspaper) access.

1 ROBINS,ON CRUSOE (source)* – a good-humoured, and natural, surface to kick matters off.
10 AK(IT)A – “To control” is one of the more Libertarian indicators you’ll meet in a contents/container clue.
12 PIANINO – hidden.
13 A,B INTRA (art nib) rev – even my layman’s Latin was sufficient to deduce this phrase.
14 LOCAL – “Weightwatchers” = Lo-Cal
16 KI(DNA)PPED (and)*- re: the RLS novel.
19 BAYS,W,ATER – I enjoyed “parking areas” = bays, as it initially lured the reflexive part of my brain into expecting some sort of “P+A” wordplay.
25 HATC,HET – initial letters + (the)*
29 NEVER-NEVER LA(N)D – I think never-never=”on credit” is probably classified as antiquated these days?

2 O,LIG,ARCH,Y – took me a while to justify the wordplay here, until I recalled “Yankee” as being radio call-sign for Y.
4 SKY ROCKET – re: Cockney rhyming slang
6 R(US,TIC)ATE – a crossword-friendly word, although I don’t actually recall encountering before in a puzzle.
17 D,ARK HO RSE (shore)* – Don’t think I’ve seen “departed” to indicate D before. Is it kosher?
19 PART,HEN,ON – not tricky, but a good seamless construction.
19 BLUE,FIN – “Blew” is the spending homophone.
23 K(IR)O,V – I presume that “Contest”=KO(=Knock out).

One Response to “FT 12,604/Aardvark”

  1. Testy says:

    I enjoyed this and felt that the surfaces were particularly sound without needless padding.

    In 8D “taxmen” was used to indicate IR (for Inland Revenue). However, the Inland Revenue no longer exists so maybe setters should update their arsenal of abbreviations and good luck to them finding words where they can use HMRC (Her Majesty’s Revenue & Customs)!

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