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Guardian 24223/Orlando

Posted by linxit on November 1st, 2007


Solving time – about half an hour in two sessions.

I started off quite quickly and had half of it done within 5 minutes, but then ground to a halt and had to think hard to get the last few. There were a few tricky words in the wordplay as well as in the grid. I’d never heard of 1dn or the tree in 7dn.

1 DELIQUESCED = “Delhi quest”. I didn’t get this until I had all the crossing letters. I was trying to think of a synonym for emigrated.
9 BO(NAN)Z,A – Boz is Dickens’ occasional pseudonym, as in Sketches by Boz.
10 TU,TORE,D=last letter of landlord.
12 OSCAR – comes before Papa in the phonetic alphabet.
13 BLOC(k) – to scotch is to block. Last one I got, along with 7.
16 D.I.’S CONCERT – DIS is usually clued as “woman’s” or “princess’s” or Hell. I think this is the first time I’ve seen D.I. for Detective Inspector used.
19 AGED – Dega(s) reversed.
21 N.I.,OBE – a queen of Thebes in Greek mythology.
24 MANDALA(y) – a geometric pattern representing the cosmos, used in Eastern religions to aid meditation.
26 ROLLER,TOWEL(owlet*)

1 DANGEROUS CORNER – a play by J. B. Priestley. A black spot road sign is positioned as a warning to drivers on dangerous corners in the U.K. I don’t know if there are similar signs elsewhere in the world.
2 LIND,A – Jenny Lind, a.k.a. the Swedish Nightingale, was a 19th-century opera singer.
3 QUA,KING – qua is Latin for as. I had ???KING straight away, but it took a run through the alphabet to find the right answer.
4 ESTONIA – A.I.,NOT,S(pac)E all reversed.
7 A,B,SORB – a sorb is a type of tree, which I looked up afterwards.
8 ADO,RN,S(wab)
15 D(OVET)AIL – vote* in DAIL, which is the Irish parliament.
17 C(A,SCAD)E – I think I’ve heard of a scad before as a type of fish…
20 DUDLEY – Dudley Moore and a town in the midlands.

3 Responses to “Guardian 24223/Orlando”

  1. radchenko says:

    Really hard.

    Much longer than 30 mins, and didn’t get 7 and 13 (your last two). Thanks for the explanations.

  2. Alan G says:

    Difficult one to solve, but satisfying to finish. Took me well into the night. I got QUAKING and ESTONIA from the definitions, but couldn’t work out the clues. Thanks Radchenko, for explanations. 14a was a good anagram, took a while to get that, as it did for 1a. I knew the tree (sorb) from previous crosswords, which gave me a start for 13a.

  3. Alan G says:

    Sorry, I meant Linxit. (For explanations)

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