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Independent 6567/Phi

Posted by neildubya on November 2nd, 2007

1 hidden reversed in “BritiSH CASt” – Hans SACHS is a character in Wagner’s Die Meistersinger von Nurnberg and, I was surprised to discover, an actual real life person.
4 KEW,IS in LIE – I really should have got KEW quicker than I did, given that I only 15 minutes away from it.
8/10 (ENSURE ACCIDENTAL VICTIM)* – CIRCUMSTANTIAL EVIDENCE. I wasn’t looking forward to working out an anagram of that length so it was lucky that I stumbled on the answer with a few letters filled in.
19 [-t]EAK in CRY – took me a while to work out what was going on here and I nearly filled in “croaky” until I realised it wouldn’t work with “failing to open wood”.
21/24 POSITIVE DISCRIMINATION – always a relief to get really big answers filled in early on.
25 A,USE in NOUS
26 TRESS – almost filled in “steam” (because of head of steam, pressure etc) but held back until I got a couple of crossing letters. Had to think again when I had ????S. Quite a clever &lit clue: “What’s head lost from emotional pressure?”
2 CERTITUDE – with all the crossing letters in place I filled the answer in because it was the only thing I could see that fit. Just worked out that “moral behaviour” is “rectitude” so you just have to flip the first three letters.
3 SAUCE – the “next answer” (4D) is LOST CAUSE, which you could also write as (CAUSE)*.
5 KO,AN – this was new to me but easy to get from the wordplay. I’ll let Wikipedia explain it and mention that a famous KOAN concerns the sound of one hand clapping.
9 I,LT in MONKEYS,NES[-t] – MILTON KEYNES. Almost got into a pickle with this one as I thought I was looking for an anagram of “brat’s home” minus the “t”.
20 [-n]ATIVE (reversed)
22 I,NAP,T – the last one I filled in, mainly because I thought I was suppposed to be looking for a word for consignment with the last letter missing.
23 F,IDO

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