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Guardian 24226 – Rufus / Easy start to the week

Posted by tilsit on 5th November 2007


Solving Time: 10 minutes

Nice, pleasant start to the week. Nothing too challenging.  5 down being my last entry.

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Now we are one

Posted by neildubya on 5th November 2007


It’s just occurred to me that this blog is one year old this week (I can’t remember our exact birthday; it might be the 7th). I’d like to thank bloggers and readers alike for helping us get to where we are today and for all your words of encouragement and support along the way.

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Independent 6569/Glow-worm – Remember, remember…

Posted by neildubya on 5th November 2007

1 K in (PEARLS)*,R – SPARKLER. Got this straight off, and all of the other thematic answers followed soon after.
10/5 (LAND)* in ROMANCE – ROMAN CANDLE. The last thematic answer I got and possibly the most disappointing of all fireworks. They seem to promise much but hardly ever deliver.
12 UN,FREEZE – sounds like “frieze”.
13 [-c]OX-EYE – my only quibble with this is that “pays attention” would surely lead to EYES rather than EYE?
17 GUIDEPOST – I filled in GUIDEBOOK without thinking too much as I scented a very fast solving time. I had a feeling it wasn’t right though, which 8D later confirmed.
18/20A (RACHEL WHITE NEE)* – a really good anagram and indicator (“Wild”) but I can’t help thinking that the clue would have been so much better with a different definition rather than the thematic phrase “attractive thing” as, once you’ve got one of the other thematic clues, it immediately gives the game away.
22/25/14/11 (H-HELP HER A PURLOINED CIGARETTE BUTT)* – LIGHT THE BLUE TOUCHPAPER AND RETIRE. I didn’t bother to work out the anagram for this as the enumeration and definition were enough.
2 M in A DIN
8 EVEN in (THEY’LL) – ELEVENTHLY. Not an obvious word but the wordplay is clear enough.
9 HE’S in A DIVE – deceptive clue, especially the definition “tacky” as part of the phrase “joint that’s low and tacky”. I knew that HE could be “ambassador” but at the time I couldn’t remember why. It stands for His (or Her) Excellency.
16 EXTR[-a],IN,[mu]SIC[al] – I liked “loses footing” to indicate dropping a final letter.
17 G,HILL,IE,S – I knew the word but didn’t know what it meant. Filled it in quite confidently though as the wordplay was straightforward.
20 A,TT in WAGE
23 hidden reversed in “carrOTS UGh” – “can’t keep them down” was obviously irresistible but I’m not really sure it does the job of telling us what we’re supposed to do here. That said, it didn’t delay me in getting the answer.
24 hidden in “licHEN NAturopath”

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Guardian Genius 52: Lavatch — Here know weevil

Posted by jetdoc on 5th November 2007


When I first downloaded this one, it lacked a preamble. Having solved it without one (not boasting or anything!), I returned to the website, where a brief preamble had been added. The principle, also the answer to 10,17,12,18, is the second part of: “It is the province of knowledge to speak and it is the privilege of wisdom to listen” — a quotation from the physician and poet Oliver Wendell Holmes Sr, himself (via a namesake) the answer to 13ac.

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