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Independent 6571 – Dac / Memo to Self…….

Posted by tilsit on 7th November 2007


Solving Time: 15 minutes

Dear Diary

Woke up to doorbell ringing, stumbled downstairs and found delivery man with nice box of goodies from Amazon.  New Bradford’s plus the new set of Guardian compilers’ books and some Christmas pressies for friends.

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FT 12609/Cinephile

Posted by John on 7th November 2007


Solving time : Not sure because I got my stopwatch wrong, but it was quite long before I understood everything and even now I’m not sure about one or two.

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FT 12,608/Neo ~ Doone Revisited

Posted by smiffy on 7th November 2007


I solved this one much later in the day than usual, which could well be the reason that it didn’t really float my boat as much as a typical Neo offering does. I ended up stumped on 16D for several minutes at the end, but a sense of blog-worthy conscientiousness (or stubbornness?) got me over the line in the end.

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Guardian 24228/Enigmatist – am I a fool?

Posted by ilancaron on 7th November 2007


Only fools would agree to blog a puzzle with such a parochial Britcom theme. Having said that, I’ve actually seen an episode or two here and there but I had to invoke the relevant wikipedia article“Only Fools and Horses”. The penny dropped when I had three or so crossing letters for (28, 7) — then, in a flash, out came wikipedia.
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