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FT 12609/Cinephile

Posted by John on November 7th, 2007


Solving time : Not sure because I got my stopwatch wrong, but it was quite long before I understood everything and even now I’m not sure about one or two.

Cinephile’s crosswords tend to have a theme, but I can’t see one.

1 DELIVER THE GOODS. 2 defs, one the literal meaning, one the metaphorical one. This seems to be a standard way of clueing these long expressions, because it is easy to do and usually leads to a nice clue. The Times often does it.
9 VI(C not R)TUAL. I found this difficult, but I think “generated by computer” is “virtual” and “with its first for its last” means that C (the first letter of computer) replaces R (the last …). To victual is to supply with food.
11 DEN CH. I’m used to doing The Times, which doesn’t refer to living people (except the Queen I think), so this was not immediately obvious, although the wordplay is simple enough.
13 NEW MARKET. A bit doubtful about “with horses?” for the racecourse, but perhaps there’s something &lit. going on here.
15 Hidden, very well. Excellent surface.
16 The Cheddar GORGE.
18 I think this is GO(NET)OSE A, but am less than comfortable with “A” for “first”, if that’s what it is.
20 L (SPIRIT)* CE.
24 (HAT)* WART.
25 The two writers are PEN and DANTE.
26 HIPPO C RAT I COAT H, def. “thing for medics to take”.
1 (LAD V GIANT DO I HAD)*. A nice &lit. except for the “I had”.
2 I hadn’t realised that LUCKNOW is an Indian capital, but it’s the capital of Uttar Pradesh.
3 VOUCH SAFE, def. “Deign”. “guarantee” (which is in the Chambers definition but obs.) is a red herring and part of the wordplay.
5 I’m not sure about this. It seems to be HO(T BUTT)ON, an expression I’d never heard which means “highly charged issue”, so that’s OK, but I can’t justify “hoon”, which doesn’t apparently mean “whip”.  Was or is Geoffrey Hoon a government whip?
6 GEN(I)US. A genus is “a taxonomic group … consisting of closely related species…”. Good clue.
14 (GREEK)* round BIT T, def. drink. A nice clue. “Greek characters” immediately misled me into thinking of the Greek alphabet.
15 CAT A TONIC. I think “that cheers one up” is “tonic” and “from” means “leading on from”.
19 2 defs. I suppose “princess” is just about OK, since one of the meanings of “sultana” is “a sultan’s daughter”.
21 (ALP)rev. TO, not helped by my misreading “after” as “alter”.

One Response to “FT 12609/Cinephile”

  1. Testy says:

    I think you are right on all points. Geoff Hoon is indeed Chief Whip.

    I enjoyed this. Probably because I surprised myself in being able to complete it and in a fairly quick time (for me).

    Hardly any Araucarianisms to upset people too.

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