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Guardian 24,229: Paul (not a blog)

Posted by jetdoc on November 9th, 2007


No blog for this yesterday, doubtless due to unforeseen circumstances. This isn’t a blog, but I think Paul’s puzzle deserves a mention.

Six of the clues were of a kind, with no further definition. These were one- or two-word clues, for two-word or multi-word answers. The answer, in each case was a phrase containing an anagram of the clue plus an anagram indicator.

So, for example:

1,23 Satchmo? gave STOMACH UPSET

2, 15 Wand? gave FALSE DAWN

16,4 Acts? gave CAST ADRIFT

The one I thought really brilliant, though, was:

24, 13 Withstood tune? (4,4,2,3,6) which gave SUIT DOWN TO THE GROUND — wordplay is *(withstood tune), with ‘ground’ as the anagram indicator.

2 Responses to “Guardian 24,229: Paul (not a blog)”

  1. Geoff says:

    Usually do the Guardian crossword in the evening, but tackled this one yesterday morning – and then waited all day to see how others had found it.
    Perhaps I was having an off day, but I thought this was the hardest for a long while. Finished it, but it took me about three times longer than usual.
    That’s not a complaint – some great clues. I liked the ‘procedural’ (rather than ‘subject’) theme.
    Would 12 and 18 together also give 1dn, 23?

  2. RipAninna says:

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