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Independent 6568/Bannsider (03-11-07)

Posted by neildubya on November 12th, 2007


Cracking puzzle, with lots to get your teeth into.

1 ED in BECK – ED is Ed Balls, currently Secretary of State for Children, Schools and Families. “Flower” is not really a flower but something that flows.
8 initial letters of “Juice Around Punters” – was amazed to see that JAP is actually a word, apart from the other obvious, more offensive meaning.
10 GELID – “glide” with the E moved forward. “Parky” is a Brit colloquialism for cold or chilly but in the surface reading it makes us think of Michael Parkinson, the chat show host, and his notorious encounter with Rod Hull and Emu.
11 DUNCES CAP – spent a while trying to work out the wordplay for this but I now think it’s a very clever cryptic def. Here’s the full clue: “Point one unlikely to be accepted by university dons”. Read “dons” as a verb (ie, to put on) rather than a noun and you should get it.
12/28 KEY,STROKE – “butterfly perhaps” is STROKE (think swimming). “Character-forming act” is the cryptic def.
13 CASEIN,(IN POT)* – CASE IN POINT. Casein is a milk protein and the main constituent of cheese.
16 alternate letters of “tV tAbLe UsE bRuSh”
21 A,(DRIVER ALAS)* – “on the wrong side?” works better in the surface reading than in the cryptic reading as the definition but the question mark is there to indicate the fact it’s a bit dodgy (I think).
23 L,AH – “one after so” is the cleverly concealed definition. Think doh, re, me, fah, so…
26 AL[g for B]UM – an ALGUM was a Biblical tree.
27/4/17/24 HEM in TASTER,AND,MARGARITA – this novel. Well worth a read, if you get the chance.
29 OD,DISH – OD is “overdose” (“take too much”)
1 BULG[-e],VO[-d]KA< – I’d heard of Mikhail BULGAKOV and have even read 27/4/17/24A so quite why this took so long for me to get I’ll never know, especially as I worked out the VODKA part of the clue straightaway.
5 L in AXE – one of the more surreal surface readings you’ll ever encounter.
7 A,JP in RUT
8 C in (JUST A RADIO)* – JUDAS ISCARIOT. Fantastic clue, especially the use of 2 (2D – DISLOYAL) in “Radio 2 disciple”.
9 NO,SUIT< in PP,I,LATE – PONTIUS PILATE. Tough clue to parse but hopefully I’ve nailed everything correctly.
14 hidden reversed in “masqueraDE TALL EX I Presume”
19 (GOT ALIBI)* – I stupidly filled in OBLIGATO rather than OBLIGATI but spotted the mistake once the answer to 29A became apparent
20 HE,MO in BETH
21 M in ARIES – “up” had me going for a while as I thought it was indicating a reversal.

5 Responses to “Independent 6568/Bannsider (03-11-07)”

  1. Fletch says:

    I thought the idea of these placeholders was to allow comments to be posted prior to the blog appearing, yet I see my (favourable) comment from yesterday has been deleted.

  2. neildubya says:

    Do you mean this one:

    Still seems to be there…

  3. Bannsider says:

    Fletch rest assured I’d already read, and been flattered by, your comment :-)
    Neil is right about the comma in the clue to ADVERSARIAL. (All depends whose side you’re on!)
    This puzzle was supposed to be a tribute to a wonderful Russian novel, but Rod Hull and Emu managed to sneak in twice without me noticing!
    As Rod Hull is sadly no longer with us I guess he’s now eligible to appear in a Times Puzzle. But the question is: does anyone know if Emu is dead as a dodo or still sending threatening messages to Parky?

  4. Bannsider says:

    Sorry I meant “right about the question mark … “

  5. Testy says:

    In fine Sooty/Corbett tradition Rod’s son Toby is bringing Emu back to kids television.

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