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Guardian No. 24,233 GORDIUS/ “Why did the chicken cross the Möbius strip?”…

Posted by neildubya on November 13th, 2007


… “To get to the same side!”
1 MOB-I(US)S-TRIP – a Mobius Strip only has one side
9 PR-OS-AIC – PR is “spin” with “CIA” and “SO” reversed

10 A(TLAS)ES – i.e SEA with SALT in it (haven’t they all?), reversed

11 C-ALLOW-EST – “ALLOW” is literally in “CEST”
12 A-RC-ED – Abbreviation for A Roman Catholic EDitor
14 INTERCEDES – Produced an audible groan : to “inter” is to bury and “cedes” sounds like “seeds”
16 EX-TRACTION  – ould tell you some stories about my L5-S1 disc, but will resist the temptation. “Traction” involves stretching the back for possible medical benefits. May have been invented by a sadistic osteopath who wanted to update the medieval Rack. 

19 P(L)OD – Took me ages to remember that a Pod is a school of whales.
24 IN-A-NEST – Surely “inane” means lacking in interest rather than actually cuckoo crazy ?
1 MOONLIGHTS-ON-AT-A – To “moonlight” is to take on work after official work has finished
4 STAR(TL)E – LT is Lieutenant
6 POST CODE LOTTERY – Nice cryptic definition
7 IPECAC – Knew it was going to be an anagram of “icecap”, but had to look it up
8 A(SIDE)S – There are 11 in a cricket or a soccer “side”. An “aside” in the theatre is where an actor talks to the audience.
15 TASH-KEN-T – (THATS)* with the major of London being a guy called Ken
17 TOASTER – I don’t get it. Certainly it’s breakfast equipment, but doesn’t sound like anything to me.
18 OPHELIA – A cryptic obituary for Hamlet’s girlfriend (HOPE)* and (AIL)<
23 INCLE – maintaIN CLEar. Had to look this up too. It’s a linen tape used for trimmings.

3 Responses to “Guardian No. 24,233 GORDIUS/ “Why did the chicken cross the Möbius strip?”…”

  1. Michod says:

    Thanks Stan – you can’t go wrong with a chicken gag, and I hadn’t even heard that one before!
    17 Down is guaranteed to bemuse the puzzle’s international audience. It refers to the race course at Towcester, pronounced, of course, ‘toaster’!

  2. George Foot says:

    Toaster baffled a non racing Brit as well!

  3. ilancaron says:

    Well we Americans always thought that it was pronounced TOE-CHESTER to rhyme with LIE-CHESTER.

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