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FT 12,616/Adamant – Curiouser and Curiouser

Posted by smiffy on 15th November 2007


This one flowed pretty steadily from the NW corner, where the first few clues allow a pretty generous introduction.  The FT puzzle seems to have suffered an upsurge in bizarro surface readings of late, and today extends that trend. I’m sure that it’s just a coincidental clustering, and after a couple in close succession I tend to become more attuned to subsequent infractions. Still, here’s hoping they don’t become any more endemic.

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New Inquisitor bloggers

Posted by petebiddlecombe on 15th November 2007


Colin’s comment on no. 44 reminds me that there’s some good news.  My appeal for Inquisitor bloggers was successful and we now have a team of four. Colin is one, and another is “hihoba” who’s responsible for tomorrow’s report on no. 45.  I don’t know the blogging name for the fourth person yet, but you should see them all in action over the next three weeks, and I’m sure the new two will soon have details on the Bloggers page.

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Inquisitor 44 – Missing letters by Mynot

Posted by petebiddlecombe on 15th November 2007


Solving time: 2-3 hours for the clues…

Time to admit defeat on this one – I can’t see the last step. The instruction provided by the missing letters in clues is “Colour correctly cells containing theme letters”. The theme is to be ‘deduced by observation’ and has one letter obscured by the central black square. Well I’ve stared at the puzzle for quite a while on several occasions and apart from lots of words with H/I/P/C in them – HIPPIC, PITHY, CHIPPY and so on – I can’t see anything, so I await the inevitable comment telling me how easy the theme and last step are.

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Independent 6578/Nimrod

Posted by neildubya on 15th November 2007


An easy puzzle to blog and fairly easy to solve as there are only 20 clues in the whole puzzle, with just 8 being across clues – is this a record? I’m sure there’s been a discussion about this before but I can’t remember what the conclusion of it was. Read the rest of this entry »

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Guardian 24,235, Araucaria: Magma cum laude

Posted by michod on 15th November 2007


Not for the first time, I did the crossword, checked the site for the blog, then remembered it was my day! Volcanoes the theme here, six of them, all in the acrosses. Good stuff, as ever, from the Monkey-puzzler.

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Independent on Sunday 926 by Quixote

Posted by nmsindy on 15th November 2007


I found this very easy indeed at first with all but 3 answers written in after only 9 mins. A little slower getting those last 3.

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