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Independent 6578/Nimrod

Posted by neildubya on November 15th, 2007


An easy puzzle to blog and fairly easy to solve as there are only 20 clues in the whole puzzle, with just 8 being across clues – is this a record? I’m sure there’s been a discussion about this before but I can’t remember what the conclusion of it was.

1 (TECHNICAL HELD)* – CLINCH THE DEAL. “Parties!” is the anagram indicator here; never has an explanation mark been more required.
8 FUNNY BUSINESS – “Jongleurs” is a chain of comedy clubs so you might say they are the business of being funny.
11 CHRISTIAN SLATER – “Actor who derides churchgoer?”. An easy clue to quibble with but it brought a smile to my face when I got it.
13 GREEN,CHART,RE,USE – I read “liqueur” as “liquor”, which stopped me getting this for a while.
19 T,(KNICKERS HAD)*,S – is THICK DARKNESS a dictionary phrase? It’s not in the two I have access to but then, that didn’t stop from solving the clue. DARKNESS was fairly obvious from the definition “gloom” so there’s nothing else you can do with the anagram fodder. Bonkers surface reading though.
2 O,UIST,HERO in LUX – LOUIS THEROUX. Got this from checking letters and definition. In the SI system, a LUX is a unit of illuminance.
3 N AND I – NANDI was Shiva’s bull and is also a type of bear. N and I is Northern Ireland, which some would also call Ulster.
4 A BIT in HAT
7 IV in A,ESTATE – AESTIVATE was new to me but it fitted the wordplay and looked convincing enough. It’s defined as “to survive the hot summer months in a dormant or torpid state”, which is some distance away from “go to sleep in the heat of the moment” but the latter adds a bit of spice to the surface reading.
9 (MEN MOOR SHIPS)* – HOMER SIMPSON. The definition, if we can call it that, is “dough, in utter exasperation”. For non-Simpsonites, Homer’s catchphrase is “D’oh”.
14 Y in COP,CAT – “Officer Dibble” and “TC” are from the cartoon, Top Cat .
15 PH in AIDES
16 VAT (going up),(NEAR)* – I liked this clue. “Resorts” is very deceptive, thanks to the surface reading.

4 Responses to “Independent 6578/Nimrod”

  1. Testy says:

    Don’t often do Indys so I missed this one (although I did have a brief look at it in the newsagents and noted the severe shortage of clues and the big black blobs in the corners, are there any hidden shenanigans going on here).

    A quick Google showed that there are apparently many references throughout the bible to “thick darkness” in relation to the appearance of God. Being a heathen this phrase was completely new to me.

    I’d have no quibbles with 11 across and it would have made me smile too if I’d done the crossword. I also like the sound of 14d (being my childhood era).

  2. nmsindy says:

    I thought two clues in this were very good indeed. 6 down “Poor players initially deft playing the piano?” D ON KEYS and 7 down (mentioned above) “Four in a car go to sleep in the heat of the moment?” A EST (IV) ATE – I really liked the definition there.

  3. petebiddlecombe says:

    I think 20 grid entries is an Indie record – and the other papers don’t really matter as their fixed sets of grids prevent playing this game. Not much weird vocab either. Well done, Nimrod!

  4. Alan G M says:

    I’d like to thank neildubya for the explanation to 3d. I was up til 1.15am this morning working on just this one clue, and finally wrote in “NANDI” in desperation, just from the wordplay, but not knowing what it meant. Thanks.

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